Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms Of Japan

Some time ago I found a ten-years old book at some flea market called Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan. I really wanted to have it as the book uncovers and extensively documents one of Japan’s most remarkable urban phenomena: love hotels. Created by photographer Misty Keasler, Love Hotels shows you a glimpse of those places that you (probably) never enter, let alone know of.

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Stick ‘Em Up With Klebstoff #6

2014 sees the return of the sticker magazine Klebstoff. In its 6th edition Klebstoff represents the three pillars of sticker design: art, artwork and artsy. Ranging from drawings and doodles to photo manipulation, there is a variety of different styles and techniques represented in this small, yet compact sticker magazine.

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  • WorkScape: New Spaces For New Work

    Grey walls, rows of working zombies, a never-ending flow of coffee — does this sound familiar to you? Let’s hope not, otherwise, immediately grab a copy of WorkScape: New Spaces For New Work. Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, and Robert Klanten from the publishing house Gestalten have carefully picked the most stunning and innovative workplaces from around the world to give companies and employees inspirational fodder on how workplaces could look like and should be nowadays.

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    Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism

    We share our passion for vending machines with at least one other person on this globe: New York-based graphic designer Christopher D. Salyers. Back in 2010 he wrote a book about extraordinary vending machines around the world. Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism showcases a wide range of vending machines that offer crazy products, vending machines on the most idiot locations and vending machines that dispense their products in very strange ways.

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  • Farming The City: Food As A Tool For Today’s Urbanisation

    Seeing an opportunity to unite the wide-ranging efforts of urban farmers worldwide, CITIES Magazine and Trancity have published Farming the City: Food as a Tool for Today’s Urbanization. Farming the City’s mission is to link international activists and thinkers to increase their potential for positive impact on society, actively ‘joining the dots’ between independent initiatives around the world. Farming the City provides a platform for knowledge-sharing, motivation and inspiration for the diversity urban farmers worldwide.

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    Inspiration: Contemporary Design Methods In Architecture

    Today, the link between architecture and digital software is so strong, it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t always been this way. Architecture’s reliance on digital design programs has lead to the spread of a homogenous ‘global-style’ architecture — buildings made from the same material, designed by the same methods, using the same software, all over the world.

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