Vivian Doumpa

Crowd-Funding Meets Peer-To-Peer At Hamburg’s Neighborhood’s University

“A DIY low-budget high-quality community-run luxury-hotel and ‘university as a marketplace’ in the neighborhood”? Many trending keywords in a raw, one great crowd-funded peer-to-peer project! Four years ago the Urban Design department of the HCU-Hamburg took the initiative to turn an old, abandoned building in Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg district into a Neighbourhood’s University.

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  • Virgin Launches World’s First Airplane Art Gallery

    Virgin Atlantic has recently announced to open art galleries on airplanes. Teaming up with British street artist Eine (Ben Flynn), the ‘Gallery in the Air’ collaboration aims to bring art at 35,000 feet. The passengers of the first class (Upper Class) will have the chance to experience a pop-up gallery atmosphere while traveling between New York and London. Except for the in-plane exhibition, there will also be a series of the artists’ typography artworks presented in the lounge rooms, the exclusive ‘Clubhouses’, of London Heathrow, JFK and Newark Clubhouses airports.

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  • QRadio: A Music Sharing Platform In Public Space

    Finding hidden treasures in the most random places around the city is one of my favourite urban tasks! Repudo is a smartphone app that allows you to leave or pick up ‘treasures’ such as text messages, pictures, videos and generally any digital object around the city. Berlin-based street artist Sweza took this concept a bit further with his street intervention project called QRadio.

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    Google Street Scene: Moments From Cinema Captured By Street View Cameras

    It seems that the World Wide Web and the potential generated when you mix one concept and Internet tool with another are really inexhaustible. Though it’s only been a week since map enthusiast Tre Baker launched his new Tumblr (check out the other one here), things have gone wild in the blogosphere. Google Street Scene is the perfect combination of Google Street View aesthetics, cinephile interests and challenging quizzes.

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