Ted Pouls

Local, Authentic, Sustainable: The Style Of The New Artisan Economy

The so-called New Artisan Economy has become hotter than hot in our cities. This trend is especially visible in the form of new, small-scale companies focusing on local craftsmanship. Consumers are more and more demanding for local products that are produced in a sustainable way, with care for the environment. Keywords in the New Artisan Economy are local, authentic and sustainable, whether we’re talking chocolate, jeans or bicycles.

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Abandoned Church Transforms Into A Color Explosion

In Southwest D.C., just a few blocks from Capitol Hill, an abandoned church was transformed into an art installation. Atlanta-based artist Alex ‘Hense’ Brewer painted the former Friendship Baptist Church in a palette of many different colors. With this project, the artist aims to revitalize an abandoned building and provide something positive to the local community.

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  • Sitegeist: A Social Dashboard For The Neighborhood

    The Sunlight Foundation released a smartphone (iOS/Android) app that enables users to retrieve information and data about the surrounding neighborhood. The Sitegeist app, as it is called, gets its information from various open sources such as Yelp reviews, Foursquare check-ins, US Census Bureau data and weather information. All this information is being visualized into attractive graphs. With these graphs, users can find out things like average age, climate or median income in a certain area.

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    Portabee Breaks Open The Market For Mass Consumer 3D Printers

    The Portabee is one of the first 3D printers that will be affordable to a wider public. Where you have to pay several thousands of euros for regular 3D printers, the Portabee is priced at $500 (about €375). This kind of pricing makes 3D printers a lot more affordable and appealing to the general public instead of remaining nerdy hardware — something that you could call a little break-through.

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