Rebekka Keuss

Sissel Tolaas: Smelling Your Way Through The City

Born in 1961 in Norway and living in Berlin since the 1980s, Sissel Tolaas has devoted more than 20 years of her life to the sense of smell. She wears her personal scent as perfume (and the odor of money on business meetings – for good luck) and has, amongst many other things, created a “Swedish smell” that uses IKEA, H&M and Volvo as ingredients. People like her remind us of the power of smell and make us wonder why such nosy business has still not found its way to city marketing and urban planning.

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Turn Your TV Into A Gallery With Teletext Art

Teletext has stuck to its confined format for 40 years now, ruthlessly blocking any signs of change out, turning this medium into a nearly unused, antiquated matter.  For this reason, although there has always been a number of talented artists, teletext art has never gained real momentum. The International Teletext Art Festival ITAF 2013 that could be happening now on everybody’s television screen attempts to change this and to take teletext art to the masses by showing viewers the possibilities that this limited medium has to offer.

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  • Emergency Shelters Made From Paper

    After working for wealthy costumers year after year Japanese architect Shigeru Ban started to question his contribution to society and decided to give his career another direction with a very different clientele. He decided to create and build emergency shelters that help people in need in disaster struck areas with nothing so simple but paper. Being on this noble course since the 1990s he has not lost sight of it ever since.

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    New York City Nostalgia In A Bottle

    Last week we found something very peculiar in our mailbox: a glass jar filled with, well, to be honest, trash. Two students from Parsons, the New School of Design in New York, clarified the matter for us. Their recent product MissingNYC fits an authentic part of New York City — a favorite neighborhood, park or landmark, whatever it may be — into a small jar that can be carried around as a cure for homesickness, sent to loved ones as a souvenir or made a gift for bloggers across the Atlantic.

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  • Colorful Crosswalks Make You Dizzy And Stagger

    Keep your head down low or you might miss it all! Spread across the world pedestrian crossings are turning into bright and colorful works of art coming straight from the hands of renown artist Carlos Cruz-Diez (born 1923 in Caracas). Already in the 1970s, the Venezuelan artist discovered the streets as a medium for art and has, thus, implemented several interventions in urban spaces before anybody even knew what it meant.

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