Rebekka Keuss

Suzanne Lacy: Art In The Public

As a child she would organize imaginative games that kept herself and the children in the neighborhood busy for days. Later in life, as an adult, she continues to re-invent arenas of social interaction while she repeatedly gives birth to a hybrid between art and community-organizing. By creating participatory art and politically engaging with it Suzanne Lacy has become an internationally acclaimed and celebrated artist, according to Creative Time perhaps even the most important socially-engaged artist working today.

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Life Is So Much Better Without A Washing Machine

There are not many options when you have no washing machine at home. You either have this special someone who kindly lets you do your laundry at his or her place. Or, as most other people are doomed to put up with, you have to use a laundromat and pop in some coins you would rather spend on a beer or two. A less expensive and much more convenient alternative that will get you through the washing nightmare is the peer-to-peer laundry service Hello by Fagor.

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  • No Fuss Aquaponic Garden Is Finally Here And To Stay

    Conscious grocery shopping is a noble thing to do. It benefits both, the people behind the produce and yourself, as the consumer. Yet, do you really know what’s behind your organic bananas, your fair trade coffee or your clothing made in your home country? Let’s face it, if you do not actively do some intensive research yourself chances are high that you, in reality, barely have any clue. Three young and energetic entrepreneurs are about to change this state of uncertainty at least in one aspect by relocating our source of fresh food away from supermarket aisles into our very own living rooms.

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    Now, Don’t Forget To Fold Inn Your Room, Will Ya?

    Fellow workers out there, listen up! Think of all the situations you would have preferred to have your bed right next to your desk. Think of all the times you wanted to sleep in your own bed and, instead, had to turn to an expensive hotel or a budget hostel. Fold Inn could send all these problems to the past as this expandable bedroom is easy to store away and set up again within seconds.

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  • Solar Cells For Cheap, Cheap Soon

    Implementing solar energy in one’s daily life involves a huge effort and a heavily loaded bank account – so most people think. But times have changed and fact is that you see more and more roofs covered in solar panels and self-charging electronic devices these days. Solar panels have become cheaper, easier to handle and technology is constantly improving. Yet, solar power has still not become the norm. The possibility of printing solar cells of the size of an A3 sheet of paper may finally take solar power to the masses and make renewable energy hopefully soon our number one source.

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    Floating Farms Ensure Food Security In Coastal Megacities

    The prognosis for the future: extreme population growth, urbanization, climate change, rising sea levels and desertification. As a consequence, the demand for food will grow exorbitantly. The present possible solution for the already on-going world food system crisis:  SeaLeaf – a floating agricultural platform for coastal megacities based on hydroponic farming.

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