Nathan de Groot

Revolutionary Train Of Thought

Even though public heathers have been installed at several train stations, there is a more revolutionary approach to avoid waiting at an utterly cold platform. Paul Priestman, director of the British design group Priestmangoode, argues that the concept of ‘moving platforms’ will take rail transport into the 21st century. This futuristic idea aims to connect train…

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Pianos In Public Space

People in Tilburg still talk about it. In September 101 pianos popped up in public parks, bus shelters and train stations, outside galleries and markets and even on bridges. The musical instruments were there for everyone to play and enjoy. From the very beginning, the piano project appeared to be one of the highlights during…

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Urban Furniture: Social Sofas

Although cities bring people together, urban dwellers may well feel forlorn. “It is a pity there is little interaction between people in the streets,” Karin Bruers argues, “but the current condition of public space does not really help or invite either.” Back in the days, outdoor benches were key places for people to gather, discuss and…

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