Margot van der Kroon

Mobstr’s Thought-Provoking Phrases And Anti-Advertising Billboards

UK-based artist Mobstr seeks the fine line between art and advertising. Just simple sentences that make you think, criticize advertising, and sometimes all cliches in street art. As we can see in the pictures, his work consists of a minimalistic style with black stenciled grafitti letters on a billboard or wall. However, such simple sarcastic and ironic messages can provoke a lot more…

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#IABR — F.A.S.T.: A Pop-Up Paradise For Surfers

Take an empty lot at The Hague’s beach boulevard, some containers and cabins and the totally chill and relaxed vibe surfers are known for. The mix of these ingredients has resulted in F.A.S.T. (Free Architecture Surf Terrain), a pop-up village on the beach that has grown into a center of surf-related cultural activities. F.A.S.T. recently won VPRO’s Droomstad People’s Choice Award, a competition that was held as part of this year’s International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) program.

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  • Trade Your Dog’s Poo For Free Wi-Fi

    Internet provider Terra collaborated with DDB Mexico to launch a campaign that rewards you for disposing your dog’s droppings with free Wi-Fi. Talk about a treat, and encouragement of good behaviour for the tethered ‘always connected to our mobile devices’ individual. Instead of special signs or the threat of a fine, this pilot tries to make to those poo-littered parks in Mexico (a little) cleaner with positive reinforcement…

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    Melvin The Traveling Mini Machine

    Why take the path of most resistance, when there’s an easy way to go? This is almost a universal agreement. In the case of technologies, they can provide us with a simple solution for more complex problems. Efficient is the way to go. However, a Rube Goldberg machine like Melvin the Traveling Mini Machine by Eindhoven-based…

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  • Instaprint Prints Instagram Snaps Directly On The Spot

    Instagram and many other mobile imaging applications have brought back the nostalgia of the aesthetics of retro photography to our smartphones over the last couple of years. However, as the digital image has become more immediate and networked, we could say that ‘print never went out of style’. New modes of printing — of what is usually refered to as ‘the Polaroid snapshot’ — could not have stayed out.

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