Koen Knitel

GPS-Powered Shoes Bring You Home

GPS is one of the most used functions on mobile devices. Phones, cars and photo cameras make use of the system to simply add locations to data, or to add data to a specific location. Recently we even stumbled upon a pair of GPS-powered shoes…

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A Chat With Antonia Märzhäuser (Freunde Von Freunden)

Tomorrow we’re bringing together a selection of Europe’s finest city, design and culture bloggers in Amsterdam at Blogging the City, a one-day conference where the ‘blogosphere’ discusses the urban future. Counting the days to the event, we’re publishing a series of short interviews with some of the speakers. Today: Antonia Märzhäuser of Freunde von Freunden, a Berlin-based international interview magazine that offers a unique view into the lives of the creative class in the German capital and other big cities around the globe. In 2011, FvF launched its first book, Freunde von Freunden Berlin. A second book is in the making.

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  • A Chat With Régine Debatty (We-Make-Money-Not-Art)

    Ahead of next Thursday’s Blogging the City festival in Amsterdam, we publish short interviews with some of the speakers. Today: Régine Debatty, blogger, curator and critic based in London and Turin. Her provocatively named and internationally acclaimed blog we-make-money-not-art, which features art, science, culture and society in general, was one of the first in its field.

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    A Chat With Martijn De Waal (The Mobile City)

    Next week, on Thursday 4 October, we’re bringing Europe’s finest city, design and culture bloggers to Amsterdam for Blogging the City, a one-day festival where the ‘blogosphere’ discusses the urban future. Ahead of the event, we’ll introduce you to some of our speakers through a series of short interviews. First one is Martijn de Waal, Amsterdam-based journalist and researcher and one of the founders of The Mobile City, a blog run by an independent research group that investigates the influence of digital media technologies on urban life, and the implications for urban design.

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    How The Experience Economy Changes The Automotive Industry

    As most industries, the automotive industry no longer exists as an industry solely based on manufacturing. Of course, without factories there will be no cars, but this part of industry has left the western city and has moved to industrializing countries. Detroit might be the clearest example of such a former industrial city. But who thinks the automotive industry has entirely left the city is wrong. The old manufacturing industry has made place for the automobile experience economy.

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