Jesse Jorg

Blue Whale Warns Against Floods

With water peaking in November last year, Thailand was affected by floods in a severe way. The floods were accompanied by an overwhelming stream of information that was impossible to narrow down. ‘Roo Su! FLOOD’, a collaboration of friends, juniors and seniors at the Faculty of Communications at Chulalonkorn University, decided to do something about…

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  • Billboard House

    A short while ago, this blog reported about Seung-Yong Song who transformed common furniture into multifunctional furniture. Now, the Bangkok-based Baan Lae Suan Fair collaborated with Apostrophy’s and took multifunctional to a new level — the house itself. The project combines a huge billboard frame with a beautiful house that includes a living and working space…

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    Excluding Fences For Community Reclaim

    The site for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been surrounded by almost 18 kilometers of blue plywood security fence since construction began in 2006. Since then, the fence has been interpreted as a political symbol of forced regeneration and forthcoming gentrification. Local communities feel excluded from the process of what will happen in the period…

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    Don't Waste Spaces, Light Them!

    Wasted Spaces is a London-based non-profit art organization that transforms vacant shop fronts and unused properties into exciting art experiences. This attracts new audiences and gives them the opportunity to view, discuss and interact with art at street level. The principles of the team are Michael Sharp, Remo Carbone and Frederieke Janssen. They set up…

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  • Jewellery Pops Up In A Hardware Coat

    If you were to go to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, for a long time it was obvious what you would get to see. Since a few years however, that has somewhat changed. Red Light Fashion and Red Light Art replaced the prostitutes behind the windows and gave it a new impulse. That also…

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