Emma Chow

Population Of 590 Cities In One Fantastic Flowchart

How do you cram 100 years worth of population growth over 590 cities into a single visual? Barcelona-based Bestiaro does it beautifully, integrating nifty web-based interactive elements. The flowchart runs on an application called Impure, the product of five years of interactive visualization research.

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China’s Rooftop Velodrome

China will soon add an elegant new bicycle structure, designed by Amsterdam-based office NL Architects, to its southernmost city Sanya. The Bicycle Club’s architecturally stunning roof is designed to sit upon a base of glass to give the illusion of floating above ground.

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  • VertiCrop Takes Rooftop Farming To The Next Level(s)

    A parking garage in downtown Vancouver has recently signed an agreement to install VertiCrop’s vertical greenhouse system on its rooftop, making it the first of its kind. VertiCrop’s system effectively transforms the 6,000 square feet rooftop into 16 acres of productive farmland by incorporating numerous ‘levels’ within the greenhouse.

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  • Treehouse Hotels For Vineyards In Argentina

    These aren’t your typical childhood tree houses. German tree house maker Baumraum has crafted luxurious cocoons for the Mendoza resort Entre Cielos. The futuristic pods are designed to be surrounded by nature, located amidst the foliage of actual vineyards, yet elevated beyond the worries of everyday life.

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    Rent-A-Goat To Mow Your Lawn

    Urban farming has been all the rage, but what happens when you throw some multi-functionalism into the mix? How about goat rentals for mowing your lawn? San Francisco’s City Grazing has been keeping a herd of 50 goats to manage the growth in their pasture.

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    Playful Street Furniture By Dirk Ploos Van Amstel

    We love multi-functionalism here at Pop-Up City. It is a great precursor for adaptability, which strengthens the resilience of space and facilitates spontaneous and creative uses. This recent creation by furniture designer, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, instantly transforms a space from one of play to one of repose.

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