Emma Chow

Kevin Cyr Transforms Shopping Cart Into A Tiny House

We’ve been talking a lot about tiny homes lately, but artist Kevin Cyr takes the concept to the extreme. For his latest crowd-funded project, Cyr found a ubiquitous shopping cart and inserted his pop-up camper design to create the Camper Kart. Don’t be fooled by the compact exterior — Cyr has managed to pack storage, table and seating space, as well as lighting inside the space of a shopping cart.

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Magic Boxes: Disappearing Street Art

You know the old cliche “stop and smell the roses”. How about “stop and look at the boxes”? If you can find them! American urban hacktivist Cayetano Ferrer is a magician of sorts, transforming ordinary urban objects — usually boxes and signs — into feats of magic. Using stickers printed with high-quality photographs, Ferrer creates an illusion of transparency.

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  • Pop-Up Pianos: Play Me, I’m Yours

    Starting in Birmingham, UK back in 2008, then spreading to São Paulo, Sydney, and a myriad of cool cities around the world, funky street pianos have been popping up in conspicuous public spaces, free for anyone to play or spectate. These pianos come from UK artist Luke Jerram‘s ongoing installation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’. The…

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  • DIY Architecture: First WikiHouses Built

    It was one year ago that we brought you news of WikiHouse, the innovative open-source concept for housebuilding from London-based design team 00:/ (zero zero). The idea is to bring house design and construction to the masses through open-source designs that use easy-to-assemble CNC cutouts from standard sheets of plywood. Anyone can contribute designs, download models (that can generate code for CNC cutting) and assemble the components with minimal training or skill. We’ve already seen IKEA dabble in urbanism. Imagine if they were to offer flat-packaged self-assembly houses — you would probably get something very much like a WikiHouse! Since we’ve last reported on this project, much progress has been made.

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    IKEA Introduces Furniture X-Ray Vision

    Furniture giant IKEA has been trying a lot of new things lately, from urbanism to airport lounges. Now they’re turning your smartphone into x-ray goggles! IKEA is adding a digital layer to their new 2013 catalogue by using Augmented Reality to see into cabinets and dressers, superimpose animated scenes onto pages, and show additional possible furniture configurations.

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    Falling House: Why Dorothy Travelled To Oz

    Pop-Up City has a penchant for quirky ideas with an element of surprise — they help keep the imagination flowing, prompting us to question the ‘everyday’. Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star really fits the bill: a full-size house precariously hanging off the edge of a 100-feet building in the middle of a university campus in San Diego.

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