David van Moppes

Kashgar: World Capital Of Electric Scooters

You’d probably not expect it here, but in the relatively unknown Chinese city of Kashgar the electric scooter is emerging quickly as a dominant means of transport. How come that the electric scooter is doing so well in Kashgar while the rest of the world still suffers from dirty ‘regular’ scooters? Can we actually learn something from the ‘Kashgar Approach’?

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Checkpoint Empty

Borders are intriguing. Sometimes they follow a very logical line such as mountain ranges, rivers, or obvious cultural differences like a language. Sometimes they are completely illogical, like the more or less randomly drawn borderlines in Africa. Some borders cut straight through a metropolitan area, creating special dynamics, for instance the Nieuwstraat in the Dutch…

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Mostar’s Morbid Green Structure

Green roofs, green walls, vertical gardening, small plants in potholes on the road, or even herbal graffiti. I’ve got a strong believe in green cities. Trees, parks and green roofs not only protect us from extreme temperatures, they also collect stormwater in order to prevent flooding, and filter the air by absorbing particulates. However, green…

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  • Green Connections In A Nursing Home, Amsterdam

    On Bill O’Reilly’s conservative TV show, The Netherlands are often ridiculized when talking about the way soft drugs policy is organized here. First of all, O’Reilly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but that’s obvious. Second, hold on Bill… it’s even worse here in Amsterdam. Not only adolescents are smoking their way through life, even…

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