Daniel Rotsztain

5000 Payphones Relive New York City’s Gritty 90s

Recalling 1993 is a project that pays homage to NYC’s relatively recent past. It is an immersive journey into New York in 1993 — its people, streetscapes, and stories. The project looks past the contemporary glitz and intense capital investment of today to a much different city whose tough reputation kept most people away. As you will discover with the project, despite its bad reputation, New York City was home to a tight and vibrant community with its own landmarks, villains, mascots and heroes.

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Follow The Map To Find The Exclusive Single Copy Of Dodo Magazine

Dodo Magazine is gearing up for the release of its first issue on April 5. But — that’s the thing — there’s only going to be one single copy printed and released, and it’s up to you to get your hands on that one-of-a-kind edition, the “most exclusive magazine in the world”. On April 5, on its website and Facebook page, Dodo Magazine will releasing a map of where to find the single copy of the magazine, and then the race is on!

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  • Help Us Build The City Of The Future!

    We are excited to announce that Pop-Up City will be collaborating with The Hague’s Museon this summer on #stadvandetoekomst (#cityofthefuture, in Dutch), an exhibit that will take Pop-Up City into an exciting and interactive experience. But before that, and with a cue from trends in urbanism, we are taking the exhibit “to the streets”, and will be hosting a series of six workshops to investigate (and crowdsource) what the city of the future will look like, and how it will work. We need your input!

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    Make Your Tools Accessible To Those Who Need Them At The Tool Library

    Here’s another solution for putting those tools gathering dust in your house to use: make them available for lending at your local Tool Library! Opening next month, Toronto’s Tool Library is one of many similar projects that have popped up all over North America, Australia and Europe. The recent popularity of tool libraries is another example of how the peer-to-peer economy continues to gain popularity and evolve, changing the way we interact with each other and our cities.

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  • Crowdsourced Urbanism In Helsinki: The Rise Of Facebook Democracy?

    Many companies and organizations have taken advantage of a crowdsourcing model to gauge public opinion on a wide range of questions. Now, the government is doing it. Last April, residents of Helsinki were given the opportunity to use a pop-up touch screen to “Like” a proposal for a government funded Guggenheim museum in their city (unlike Facebook, the screens also featured a ‘Dislike’ button, giving the opposition an opportunity to be heard as well.)

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