Bob Wiebes

Explore The Unknown Parts Of Your City With Abandoned

Empty buildings have been a ‘problem’ that cities have had to deal with increasingly in the last couple of years. Nevertheless abandoned buildings and even ruins can be very beautiful to explore. It often takes some time to find them though. For people who want to skip the hunt for these places and get to the exploring straight-away, there is THE FORM’s iPhone app Abandoned.

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Walkonomics Shows The Walkability Of Streets Around The Globe

Here in Amsterdam it can sometimes be a dangerous task to cross streets and walk without thinking. There are cars and bicycles everywhere, not to mention other pedestrians, who are so keen on getting to their destination as quick as possible. For foreign people it can therefore be a hard thinking to just stroll through the city. Walkonomics tries to change this by showing the ‘walkability’ of streets around the world and helping you explore the city while you enjoy your walk.

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The Old Walls Project Tells New Stories

The Old Walls Project features an amazing set of photo comparisons that show how street art around Milan has evolved over the past twenty years. Sometimes you can still see figments of what once was and at other times the whole thing looks exactly the same as it did two decades ago. Looking at how new artworks have been influenced by what previously was painted on the wall is very inspiring and finding comparisons between the two in theme and style is almost a game in itself.

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  • Dubbeldam Pop-Up Office Makes Work Work For Everyone

    The Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam is a durable container-based workplace consisting of different modules made out of discarded shipping palettes that can be arranged by the users’ liking to create a workplace that is ideal for everyone involved. The user can choose from different kinds of working environments, like ‘focus’ and ‘refuel’ and in this way always have an ideal place to work. And it can be put anywhere to boot!

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