Bob Wiebes

Part-Own Everything You Desire With OwnMutually

Winning a trophy for a group effort often comes with the question ‘who is going to keep it?’ Seldom one person is chosen as the ‘trophy-bearer’ and one strategy is to alternate possession of the trophy between all members of the group. The same sort of ownership-tension can exist when you purchase something that is used by a group or community, for example a microwave for your dormitory. Australia-based OwnMutually takes this concept and applies it to anything you can imagine where both initial investments and ownership are shared.

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Smile-Bot Spreads Happiness In Public Space

“Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though it’s breaking”, wrote John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons in 1954 as lyrics for Charlie Chaplin’s song ‘Smile’. Even through all our sorrows and hardships, smiling is something we ought to do continuously, they claimed, and how right they were. Nowadays the world is not all fun and games and of course a smile can be further away than one might wish to admit, so for the moments where a smile is not at hand, there is Smile-Bot, who wants to fill your world with joy and laughter.

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  • Twitter Tongues Shows Geographical Multilinguality Of London And NYC

    Twitter truly seems to be an all-knowing entity. If we would like to see how many people are talking about chipmunks in Italy, it could tell us in a second, with even more precise data for regions and cities. Twitter Tongues uses Twitter to show us the languages of tweets sent from London and New York in the summer of 2012, and provides a unique look into these multilingual cities.

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    Automatic Turns Cars Into Smart Cars

    It’s hard not to get envious of all the fancy applications smartphone users have access to when being a motorist driving a fairly straight-forward car. Sure, your stereo might have buttons with obscure usage and maybe you even have a state-of-the-art entertainment center right in the center console. But really, what else can you do? To answer to these ‘appified’ needs of the contemporary motorist, Automatic is all you would ever want to know about your car in one simple smart device.

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  • Metrominuto: The Subway-Inspired Map For Pedestrians

    Walkability is a subject many cities are increasingly getting involved with. Our legs are often overlooked when thinking about transport in the city, with municipalities passionately constructing bicycle lanes and roads as far as the eye can see whilst competely forgetting about the pedestrian’s needs. Instead of focusing on these forms of transport, Pontevedra in northwest Spain has been trying for the last 15 years to make their city more walker-friendly. To further improve walkability, they have created a subway-inspired map for pedestrians.

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