Alexandra Mientjes

Is Amsterdam Turning Into A Museum?

Recently I came across reviews of two apps: the ‘Amsterdam 1850-1940’ app, which contains information and imagery of over 3500 buildings in Amsterdam built in the heyday of Amsterdam history, and the app called ‘History2go’, which literally claims to “change historical city centers into open-air museums”. Reading the articles and taking a look at the apps in question lead me to rethink the so-called ‘museumification’ of the city of Amsterdam.

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Différence Et Répétition

Reading Deleuze is no piece of cake. It is often a long and hard thought process and it doesn’t leave much room for ‘fun’ excursions into popular culture. This is especially so for the recently published first Dutch translation of Deleuze’s famous dissertation: ‘Différence et Répétition’ (or: ‘Difference and Repetition’, in Dutch ‘Verschil en Herhaling’), published by Boom. Since this weblog is more of an urban development magazine, rather than a philosophical journal, and since Deleuze often writes about architectural design, I will not to discuss the contents of the book, but rather the aesthetics of it, or rather, its looks. Judging the book by its cover, so to speak.

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Pop-Up City As Museum

If the recent hype concerning Banksy’s film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ provoked any discussion (which it obviously did), it was about the integrity of the documentary itself. Was this really a documentary or is it a hoax? Does Mr. Brainwash really exist? Or is it an alter ego of Banksy himself? However, one of…

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  • Sub/City People

    The following is inspired by the book ‘The Mole People’. For the ignorant amongst you; The Mole People is a book by Jennifer Toth that came out in 1993 and shocked its readers by suggesting that up to five thousand people were living in the subways of New York, even down to seven stories below…

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