The Last (City) Newspaper

The exhibition named ‘The Last Newspaper’, underway at The New Museum, New York since the last month, is extensively looking at the history of newspaper practices. It locates the newspaper within a globalised network of information flows, and competing forms of information surfaces (walls, screens, pads etc.), and looks in to the technological history of…

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I, Eyes And JR

This post is written as a conversation with ‘Pop-Up City As Museum’ by Alexandra Mientjes and ‘New York’s Underbelly’ by Anna Triboli. The champion of  ‘the street is my gallery’ and large-scale in-your-face projections of the ‘hidden’ urban moments and emotion, JR , is the winner of the TED Prize 2011. He began his journey…

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On Seditious Cities

The big word these days seems to be ‘sedition’. In India, the right wing political organisations and a part of the national media are asking for ‘sedition’ charges to be clamped on Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Arundhati Roy in the context of an apparently anti-national speech at a meeting on justice for Kashmir, while a Fox News editorial argues for…

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