Adam Nowek

The Playground: Parkour And Architecture

The London Festival of Architecture is rapidly approaching and has a fun theme: The Playful City. The avid pop-up fan knows that we dig play, and it’s been a theme this spring in Amsterdam: be it playful public art or making urban planning more fun for participants, there’s a lot of talk about playfulness in urban space. It’s not a surprise, then, that our friends across the Channel are taking play so seriously.

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Artful Tanks: New York’s Water Tank Project

Commencing in spring 2013, New York’s Water Tank Project will transform the cities rooftop water tanks into canvases for a huge array of artists, including some people you might know like Jeff Koons (see: dangling trains), Devendra Banhart (see: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon), and some guy named Jay-Z (who’s having a pretty sweet year design-wise).

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Woven Spaces: Changing The Urban Fabric

Artist Nicolas Feldmeyer recently unleashed untitled-but-still-totally-titled piece ‘Untitled (Woven Portico)’. The piece is made up of PVC mesh and weaves in and out of the central building of the University College London, recreating a new sheltered space on the portico and giving the portico a new image from the square in front of the building.

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  • Talking Stumps: Starting Conversations In Public Spaces

    One of the biggest problems in huge, hyper-dense places is a receding sense of community. It’s surprisingly hard to get to know people when you live in a large, faceless tenement block. To play with this idea, Tisch School of the Arts students Lynn Burke, Stefanie Kleinman, and Tak Cheung have created a piece called ‘Branch Out: Start a Conversation with a Stranger’ as part of last month’s spring show.

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    Chicago’s Streets Become A Life-Size Monopoly Board

    Millions of children grew up playing Monopoly: I know I always looked forward to Grand Opera night where I could collect $50 from each of my opponents, and dreaded the feared Poor Tax Chance Card (fifteen whole dollars!). It embedded the names of the Boardwalk and Park Place for everyone as the best place in the city, especially if you could afford a fancy red hotel. Apparently, someone has tried to turn the streets of Chicago into a city-sized game of Monopoly. Nate Berg at The Atlantic Cities tipped us off about the new street art installations, and they’re all sorts of fabulous.

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  • Color Jam: A Color Explosion In Chicago’s Public Space

    Colourful urban interventions are probably the best kind: they’re bright, they’re fun, and they’re wonderfully unconventional. We’ve written about painted bus loops in Bratislava and painted roadways in small Swiss villages before, but this one just takes the cake. American visual artist Jessica Stockholder (who was partially trained in Vancouver, I might add) brings us Color Jam, an art piece that will span hundreds of metres and be located on sidewalks, roadways, and the sides of buildings this Summer in Chicago.

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