A Vertical Campsite For The Homeless

Homelessness is a growing problem across Europe and finding new and effective ways to combat social exclusion and help the homeless is becoming increasingly difficult. Malka Architecture, France, have found a way to attract much needed attention towards the growing problem of homelessness whilst at the same time providing shelter for those who need it.

Although it is not entirely legal, the shelters at ‘KAMP47’ certainly serve their purpose in bringing the subject of homelessness to light and providing a makeshift shelter, through the construction of 23 vertically secured units that have a striking similarity to pop up tents. Each unit provides an individual living space and the inhabitant protection from the elements, vandalism and many of the other concerns that sleeping on the street must incur.


The plot selected for the project is a previously unoccupied space, raising the question as to whether the ‘vertical camp” is public or private property, causing much controversy.  Accessed via an internal corridor, these units certainly make a collective statement regarding the lack of law providing obligation to housing in France, controversial or not, and the need across the developed world for changes in how we approach and deal with homelessness.