A Portable House From Spain

Award-winning Spanish architecture office Ábaton have designed a beautiful cabin that can be easily transported. Imagine you wake up in the same house every day, but in a setting that changes every week…

The stunning design and the neatly finished detailing of the so-called ÁPH80 is something we really love about it. The front of the cabin is mostly covered with glass. With this the architects intend to stimulate the owners to live also in front of the cabin.


Inside the architects have managed to include a living room/kitchen area, a fully-equipped bathroom, and a double bedroom in their 27 square meters of indoor space. Solid timber is used for the structure and the interior surfaces and the outside is covered with cement wooden boards. This cement wooden boards make the cabin look heavier than it is, especially when the window shutters – also coverd with concrete – are closed, which makes it look like a solid block of concrete.


Ábaton was awarded the Torre Sostenible Prize in 2009 for sustainability and protecting the environment. More photos of the project can be found here.