A Museum For Architectural Models

Though they are never meant as the finished product, architectural models are in themselves a work of art. ARCHI-DEPOT, Japan’s first museum dedicated to these delicate sculpture pieces just opened in Tokyo.

Architectural models are an essential step in the building process, as they are concrete means for the architect to translate their ideas  before the project is built, and therefor permanent.


Only occasionally are these models available for public viewing, and most often for only a brief period of time. Architectural models spend most of their time sitting on shelves in storage rather than accessible for viewing. The museum, which will open on Tennozu Isle in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district will not only be a place for these models to be displayed, but also act as an effort to preserve them.


The space will be lined with over 100 shelves to display their permanent collection, in addition to special exhibits. Each model in the museum will be accompanied by a QR code which can be scanned using a smartphone to access more information about the structure, including photos of the completed work.