A Hide-Out In The Woods For $500

Weekend-get-aways, a day at the spa and even digital detox — there are many ways to escape bustling cities and to take a break from the busy life you’re living. A couple in West Virginia though put the icing on the cake: they’ve built themselves a wooden cabin (or: getaway) with a huge glass facade made from old windows — and didn’t spend more than $500.

But here’s the tale from the beginning: clothing designer Lilah Horwitz and photographer Nick Olson were visiting his family’s farm in West Virginia when they came across an abandoned part of the farm and started to daydream about building and living in a house where every shade of light the day offers could be experienced to the fullest. And so the idea of the house with the window front was born. After a summer of hard work their area of retreat was finished: recycled windows serve as front facade, simple wood creates a rustic style inside. Looking neat, eh?

Cabin Cabin

Cabins in the woods have become a new thing on the bucket lists of many hipsters. Websites like Cabin Porn and The Tiny Life are devoted to sharing inspiration about escaping life and moving into a little, preferably self-built, house in some quiet place far away from the busy city. Books about hide-outs and cabins, like Hide And Seek, can be found on the coffee tables of design stores and cupcake shops, and Silicon Valley start-up kids dream about having a cabin in the woods (after making big money selling their company to Google, of course). In ten years time gentrification may no longer be a solely urban phenomenon, but also a process that takes place in our forests…