A Floating Forest In The Baltic Sea

Trees and forests are of huge importance to the Nordic cultures, and so is the water of the Baltic Sea. A floating trees installation was launched here in 2014, floating in a choreography of water and wind.

Swedish artist duo SIMKA designed a colony of floating ‘trunks’ for three cities around Baltic Sea — Umeå in Sweden, Riga in Latvia and Pori in Finland. Different trees were used, varying from local birches to trees from other cities. The goal of the project is to unite local forces — the trees, the water and the residents. SIMKA further explains that the natural aspect of the trees is challenged by the human aspect of the lifebuoys.

Floating forest Baltic Sea Floating forest Baltic Sea Floating forest Baltic Sea

Key component of the project includes the exchange of experiences within an artistic process. SIMKA wants to connect young people with the creation of art. Therefore the tree trunks were developed in workshops led by the artists. This happened on the actual site of placement of the tree trunks. When summer is over, the trees are brought to the land to be rooted in a local city park, elongating the lifespan of the project as part of the city and its cultural community.