Magic Boxes: Disappearing Street Art

Magic Boxes by Cayetano Ferrer

You know the old cliche “stop and smell the roses”. How about “stop and look at the boxes”? If you can find them! American urban hacktivist Cayetano Ferrer is a magician of sorts, transforming ordinary urban objects — usually boxes and signs — into feats of magic. Using stickers printed with high-quality photographs, Ferrer creates an illusion of transparency.

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Temporary Street Interventions Spice Up Amsterdam River Bank

De Weesperzijde Leeft

On one of Amsterdam’s most scenic streets, a local art gallery initiated a manifestation named ‘De Weesperzijde Leeft’ (‘The Weesperzijde is alive’) to involve the neighbourhood into the artscene. The gallery collaborated with a group of artists to create streetart in the most literal meaning of the word. Artists designed temporary zebra crossings, which reflect the identity of the street itself. Most of them refer to the influence the adjacent Amstel river had over the years.

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Hebrew Teacher Teaches Student Street Smarts With Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour

Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour

Two of the best ways to understand a place is by learning the local language and checking out the street art, but it can be challenging to take the time to master both. But if you’re in Tel Aviv, Guy Sharett can take you on a tour of graffiti in Florentine, one of Tel Aviv’s hippest and most colourful neighbourhoods, and explain the plays on words in stencils, poetic texts in window fronts, and municipal signs.

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Wuppertal LEGO Bridge Has A Green Roof

LEGO Bridge, Wuppertal

LEGO keeps inspiring urbanists, architects and urban interventionists. Street artist Martin Heuwold aka MEGX transformed a boring urban bridge into a colorful LEGO-like artwork in Wuppertal, Germany. With the help of friends, the city and some construction companies, MEGX spiced up the concrete beams of the viaduct with colorful paint.

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Mobstr’s Thought-Provoking Phrases And Anti-Advertising Billboards


UK-based artist Mobstr seeks the fine line between art and advertising. Just simple sentences that make you think, criticize advertising, and sometimes all cliches in street art. As we can see in the pictures, his work consists of a minimalistic style with black stenciled grafitti letters on a billboard or wall. However, such simple sarcastic and ironic messages can provoke a lot more…

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Chicago’s Streets Become A Life-Size Monopoly Board

Life-size Monopoly in Chicago

Millions of children grew up playing Monopoly: I know I always looked forward to Grand Opera night where I could collect $50 from each of my opponents, and dreaded the feared Poor Tax Chance Card (fifteen whole dollars!). It embedded the names of the Boardwalk and Park Place for everyone as the best place in the city, especially if you could afford a fancy red hotel. Apparently, someone has tried to turn the streets of Chicago into a city-sized game of Monopoly. Nate Berg at The Atlantic Cities tipped us off about the new street art installations, and they’re all sorts of fabulous.

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A Roller Blind For Billboards

Roller blind billboard by The Wa

French street artist The Wa has spiced up the streets of Milan with a new, rather critical artwork — he recently installed a roller blind at a digital city billboard. The ‘Curtain’, as Urban Shit calls the work, enables passers-by to decide themselves whether or not they want to see the advertisement.

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