The First Starbucks On A Train

Starbucks Coffee House on a train

In order to offer Swiss train travelers some extra service (and, of course, sell coffee), the Swiss railway company SBB has teamed up with Starbucks to create the first Starbucks café on a train. The Starbucks Coffee House on rails was first operational during a train trip from Geneva to St. Gallen in Switzerland.

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A Vertical Campsite For The Homeless


Homelessness is a growing problem across Europe and finding new and effective ways to combat social exclusion and help the homeless is becoming increasingly difficult. Malka Architecture, France, have found a way to attract much needed attention towards the growing problem of homelessness whilst at the same time providing shelter for those who need it.

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An Urban Plug-In Park That Tastes Like Coke

Roll Out Happiness

Spicing up public spaces with little interventions is something urban hackers have been busy with for quite some years. Also brands start to see a potential way of being visible in cities by improving the public realm through branded hacks, such as Coca-Cola, that introduces a truck that’s able to roll out an urban park.

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