A Fly-Thru Restaurant For Birds

Fly-thru restaurant for birds by Brian Wolter

The fact that birds eat fastfood becomes clear when you pay attention to the pigeons on the central squares of the world’s big cities. Picking the left-overs of hamburgers and fries from right between your your legs, these intrusive birds know very well what they prefer for dinner. As a consequence of adopting human eating habits they are increasingly fat. Obesity among birds becomes an urban phenomenon. This must have triggered Copenhagen-based artist Brian Wolter to create this take-away for birds.

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Wuppertal LEGO Bridge Has A Green Roof

LEGO Bridge, Wuppertal

LEGO keeps inspiring urbanists, architects and urban interventionists. Street artist Martin Heuwold aka MEGX transformed a boring urban bridge into a colorful LEGO-like artwork in Wuppertal, Germany. With the help of friends, the city and some construction companies, MEGX spiced up the concrete beams of the viaduct with colorful paint.

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A Roller Blind For Billboards

Roller blind billboard by The Wa

French street artist The Wa has spiced up the streets of Milan with a new, rather critical artwork — he recently installed a roller blind at a digital city billboard. The ‘Curtain’, as Urban Shit calls the work, enables passers-by to decide themselves whether or not they want to see the advertisement.

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Plant Tags For Urban Objects

This is for all the urban gardeners out there. No, I don’t mean actual gardening in the city: Carmichael Collective (yes, the insect memorial folks) have been placing their Urban Plant Tags around Minneapolis lately. As tipped off by the fine folks at DesignBoom, the Urban Plant Tags are just like those tiny tags you…

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