Wednesday 4 July: PechaKucha Amsterdam #22 At Roest With Johan Kramer, 22tracks And More…

Bein' Green by HEYHEYHEY

Come along in the amazing industrial hangar of Roest on Wednesday 4 July for the 22th edition of PechaKucha Amsterdam! Expect fascinating stories, ideas and doses of inspiration by twelve enlightened minds, bound by the world-famous rule of 20 slides x 20 seconds. Take a look at the line-up below and you know what we mean. Breaks will be filled with funky tunes and lovely visuals. Doors open at 20:30, PechaKucha starts at 21:30. Tickets are sold at the door and online. Buy here!

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Playful Street Furniture By Dirk Ploos Van Amstel

Multifunctional street furniture by Dirk Ploos van Amstel

We love multi-functionalism here at Pop-Up City. It is a great precursor for adaptability, which strengthens the resilience of space and facilitates spontaneous and creative uses. This recent creation by furniture designer, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, instantly transforms a space from one of play to one of repose.

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Dutch Designer Prints His Own Furniture

Endless Pulse by Dirk Vander Kooij

Graduation projects are sometimes surprisingly good! Inspired by an old 3D printer, Eindhoven-based student Dirk Vander Kooij came up with the idea to build a machine specialized in making furniture. After getting himself an old Chinese industrial robot, Vander Kooij reprogrammed it into a 3D printer to print furniture using materials from old refrigerators. The result is an award-winning collection of chairs called Endless Pulse.

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Koloro-Desk: A Flexible Workspace Concept From Tokyo


Over the last years we’ve showcased plenty of flexible interior and workspace designs, such as this multi-functional furniture by Seung-Yong Song, the Landpeel, Casulo’s Room-in-a-Box, and a mobile office concept designed by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner. Tokyo-based Torafu Architects came up with a new-style workspace concept that’s perfectly in line with the trend of pop-up interiors that fit the needs of the ‘flexible class’. Part of a bigger series of flexible furniture, their Koloro-Desk is a neatly designed multi-purpose desk that’s, yes, very flexible.

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Seung-Yong Song’s Multi-Functional Furniture


We’ve got plenty of stuff in our houses with all kinds of different functions. Why not combine those objects better and have less of them? That is what the Korean industrial designer Seung-Yong Song must have thought when he created a series of multifunctional and pretty furniture. Song used the most simple daily objects such as chairs, lamps, cupboards and laundry racks to created complete new furniture typologies with unique combined uses.

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Flexible Outdoor Design Furniture From Sweden

Thomas Bernstrand’s Stockholm-based design studio came up with this so-called Share Portable Park Chair. The Share Portable is a very simple and smart combination between a public bench and a shopping trolley. The system requires users to insert a coin to release a chair from the chain. The coin is given back when they return the chair….

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E-Waste Furniture By Rodrigo Alonso

Colombia-based designer Rodrigo Alonso has launched his ‘N+ew: No More Electronic Waste’ series, a collection of pretty bizarre cube-shaped stools. As you can see, the furniture’s main ingredient is recycled electronic waste, as well as epoxic resin and melted aluminium to shape the stools. This must be the most chemical furniture I’ve ever seen. The…

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Tree Bench: A Mobile Sitting Unit For Urban Parks

As part of his ‘Aandeboom’ series, which means something like ‘attached to trees’, the Utrecht-based spatial designer Rogier Martens has come up with a remarkable design for a pop-up bench for urban parks and landscapes. Invited by the Dutch city of Amersfoort to design a temporary bench for a local park, Martens created this Tree Bench….

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