Introducing The Erotic City

According to the Times, the blog Cycle Chic Copenhagen belongs to the Top 100 Blogs Worldwide. Cycle Chic Copenhagen reports about biking culture in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. But after the fact that Copenhagen is a real bicycle city, most of the 3,623 frequent readers that Feedburner reports, must be especially interested in the sexy way the message is put forward: by portraiting ‘cycle chics’. To me it’s interesting that the blogger understands what the single most important quality of a city’s public domain is: people on the street, for this particular situation the presence of pretty girls (not hard to find in Copenhagen though). In fact, Copenhagen Cycle Chic focuses on the erotic dimension of the city. And because it’s not done to just take pictures of nice girls in a voyeur-like way, the biking theme is introduced. It’s a great contribution to Copenhagen’s city marketing to represent the city as a progressive bicycle city with plenty of pretty girls. It makes you wanna ride a bike yourself.

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