Musical Umbrella Turns The City Into A Symphony

Musical umbrella

It’s a rainy Summer here in Amsterdam, so let’s stay with the umbrella theme. Thanks to Make we found out about this rather cool umbrella that’s able to play music when it rains. For the occasion of Music Hackday 2012 in Amsterdam, Berlin-based hackers Alice Zappe and Julia Lager managed to create a musical umbrella that produces a random series of lo-fi 8-bit tones as soon as rain drops fall on it.

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What’s In A Bench?

Social benches by Jeppe Hein

The bench: a hyper-common piece of street furniture that has been made polymorphic, transformed into a live-tweeting machine, and designed to be more like a chesterfield. Benches are everywhere, and it makes sense to try to re-invent it. This recent re-invention of the ever-present public seat comes from Berlin-based artist Jeppe Hein. The benches are designed in unconventional ways, not offering an immediately obvious sitting strategy for the passer-by.

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From Trash To Treasure: Raumlabor’s Recycled Home

My mother always told me that recycling was a good thing to do for the environment (thanks, Mom!). Plenty of architects are catching onto the trend: we’ve written previously about a façade made from a thousand doors, recycled bus shelters in Uganda’s bustling capital city, and, of course, shipping container urbanism. There certainly isn’t a shortage of useable material on this planet that begs to be re-made into something new.

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City Of Bubbles

Cloud Cities is an exhibition that ran until 15 January at Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof. The exhibition offered an unusual vision on architecture, ecology and the way we experience life in general. Cloud Cities consisted of giant bubbles and exotic plants suspended on a structure reassembling a giant spider web. According to the man behind the artwork, Tomás Saraceno,…

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Erik Johansson’s Impossible Urban Scenes

Hello people. I want to dedicate this post to the fantastic personal work of Sweden-born and Berlin-based photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson. Give yourself a few minutes to click through his series of realistic photos of impossible scenes. Much of his graphic work has a strong spatial focus, which makes it very interesting for architecture and urbanism enthusiasts….

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Trend 5: Modular Hospitality

The next hotel is modular. In 2012 people want to sleep in the middle of the woods, float in the sea or relax in a snowy landscape. Good ol’ hotels that consist of one solid piece of concrete with rooms in it connected by a central hall just don’t do it any more. Over the…

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An Apartment Under The Bridge

Wohnzimmer under a bridge, Berlin

Berlin-based urban intervention collective Stiftung Freizeit has designed an illusionary ‘Wohnzimmer’ under a bridge in Berlin. Made with tape, this minimal but cosy ‘apartment’ combines the raw esthetics of grey concrete with the warm and intimate feeling of the typical German Wohnzimmer interior. Combining these two ingredients of what could be called Berlin style, the artists Inés Aubert and Rubén Jódar aim to make life a little more comfortable for those who spend their time on the streets.

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Social Container Architecture

Being the main facilitator of global exchange of commodities, hereby an important trigger of globalization, the ISO container has had an immense impact on transnational relations. Introduced for cargo handling in the shipping industry, containers have later grown increasingly popular as elements of architectural design. As construction material, their history of travels across the world might…

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