An Apartment Under The Bridge

Wohnzimmer under a bridge, Berlin

Berlin-based urban intervention collective Stiftung Freizeit has designed an illusionary ‘Wohnzimmer’ under a bridge in Berlin. Made with tape, this minimal but cosy ‘apartment’ combines the raw esthetics of grey concrete with the warm and intimate feeling of the typical German Wohnzimmer interior. Combining these two ingredients of what could be called Berlin style, the artists Inés Aubert and Rubén Jódar aim to make life a little more comfortable for those who spend their time on the streets.

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Social Container Architecture

Being the main facilitator of global exchange of commodities, hereby an important trigger of globalization, the ISO container has had an immense impact on transnational relations. Introduced for cargo handling in the shipping industry, containers have later grown increasingly popular as elements of architectural design. As construction material, their history of travels across the world might…

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Underground City By EVOL

Berlin-based street artist EVOL uses stencils and spray paint to transform urban walls and furniture into realistic and stunningly detailed buildings. For the upcoming MS Dockville Festival, he transplanted the city in a rural landscape in Hamburg, Germany. Visitors can walk through a miniature underground intersection. They can play like kids and just “pretend there…

Read more → Turns You Into A Walking Music Station is a fresh and unorthodox smartphone app developed in Berlin. Aiming to be the “Foursquare for sound” on TechCrunch, it lets you listen to your music library or a playlist created on SoundCloud and broadcast it at the same time through your (mobile) Internet connection. Conversely, you can tune into the music that people around you are listening to, enabling you to discover new music by listening to broadcasts from other people. turns its users into walking music stations, enabling them to transmit sound streams simultaneously to and from their direct environment.

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A Dream Castle In An Old Factory

Every time I visit Berlin, I feel like being part of something alive and in motion. The city is so fascinating that you can never get enough. Nevertheless, every time I face the same problem: where am I going to stay? A friends’ couch or cheap, anonymous hostels are usually my choice but, thanks to Silke…

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Cities As Big Playgrounds

Here on The Pop-Up City, we are big fans of urban games. We love urban games because they change our perception of routine spaces, they invite us as citizens to take over public spaces, they encourage interactions with strangers, and because most of them are just fun! Berlin’s Invisible Playground collective makes Street Games, Audio Adventures and Playful Theater that turn the city into a giant playground.

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Pandora Boxes In The City

Berlin is a great place for street art as we’ve reported before. The German artist Sweza, however, takes graffiti to a new level. About the Audio Box project, Sweza writes: “In the year 2009, this little carillon got installed at the Admirasbruecke in Berlin Kreuzberg, unfortunately the audio box got stolen after three days.” This short…

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