Spiderman In The Urban Jungle

  • Spiderman In The Urban Jungle
    The French artist Sébastien Preschoux has come up with a beautiful collection of spanned string projects in all sorts of dreamy spatial situations. We found out about his work on the Spanish blog Flores en el Atico that we couldn’t read as we don’t speak any Spanish. The way geometrical logics are combined with raw urban settings and natural forms are brilliant. This work seems to be all about contrasts: the contract of colorfulness in a grey context, the contrast of light and dark and the contrast of nature and culture.

    SpidermanPreschoux must have been inspired by the beauty of a spider’s little creations, that are pure and both extremely weak and strong at the same time. I think these works are beautiful, because of the wonderful execution and the absolute absurdity. Unlike the spider’s webs, this works have no functional significance – they are just there to be temporarily nice and to stress the artist’s fascination for geometrical patterns of lines.