Sewer Pipe Hotel

  • Sewer Pipe Hotel
    Celebrate holiday in a sewer pipe! Why not? From September, campsite Buitengewoon Groenhoff in the Dutch town of Vriescheloo will be offering extraordinary hotel rooms of 2,5 by 1,8 meters, clogged in 15 sewer pipes. The pipes are dug into a typical Dutch dyke. Camping owner Bé Dijkoff was inspired by a sewer pipe hotel in Ottensheim, Austria (see picture above). He came in contact with the manufacturer of the pipes to launch something like this at his campsite.

    People can spend the night in a pipe for 100 euros per person. The sewer pipe hotel rooms are equipped with a two person bed, two chairs and central heating. Too bad there’s no bathroom — visitors still have to experience the unique campsite feeling of walking to the central sanitary facilities with toilet paper under their arms.

    —Source: Architectenweb