Vending Machine Offers Free Iced Tea In Exchange For A Tweet

Iced tea vending machine, Cape Town

This South African soda machine gives away free iced tea in exchange for a promotional tweet. The Bevmax 4-45 (‘BEV’) vending machine, located at Wembley Square, Cape Town, is equipped with a marquee that encourages passers-by to send a GPS-tagged tweet with a hashtag in it. As soon as the machine notices the tweet, it spits out a free can of Rooibos iced tea.

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Coca-Cola’s Huggable Vending Machine

Recently, Coca-Cola installed an extraordinary vending machine at the National University of Singapore. The machine doesn’t want your money, it wants hugs. Ain’t that a good currency in times of financial crisis? A good hug is rewarded with a free can of Coke. It’s as simple as that.

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The Seed Bomb Vending Machine

We like vending machines and we like seed bombs, so we were very delighted when we heard about this clever idea from the designers of Commonstudio. Under the name of Greenaid, the agency has launched these nifty vending machines that stimulate a bit of guerrilla gardening by appropriating the existing distribution system of the quarter…

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Independent Zines Kiosk Pops Up In The New York Subway

The Newsstand

Metro stations are good places for retail, as thousands of commuters pass by every day. Ordinary news stands, food courts and clothing shops often fill the spaces deep down in these metropolitan transfer hubs. However, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where else?) it’s a little different — an independent zines kiosk has taken over a news stand at the Metropolitan Avenue station for one month.

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