Mind The Gap: New Loft Fills Space Between Buildings

  • Designers Ole Robin Storjohann and Mateusz Mastalski have won the first prize of roof window manufacturer FAKRO’s ‘New Vision of the Loft 2’ competition with a nifty idea to fill the narrow gaps between buildings with lofts.

    Their design called Live Between Buildings proposes filling up unused gaps between buildings with light-weight spaces, based on FAKRO technology. The lofts enable a life close to nature right in the middle of the city. The micro-apartment comes with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, swing, hammock and indoor garden. The in-house infrastructure consists of ladders and even a climbing wall to get to the ceiling. A wide variety of housing typologies are possible within the concept.

    Live Between Buildings

    In Poland people seem to be attracted by micro-living concepts. In the past we showcased the world’s smallest building that was constructed in the Polish capital Warsaw.