The End Of The Line

The End of the Line, Part 2

End stops of public transport lines are strange places. Every urbanite knows their names, but scarcely anyone has ever been there. Fascinated by this phenomenon, German film maker and video journalist Janosch Delcker makes short documentaries in which he explores the end stations of subway lines in big cities.

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Obscure Cities On The Other Side Of The Sun

Les Cités Obscures

As the authors behind the graphic novel series Les Cités Obscures published by Casterman the two Belgian comics artists François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters have been sketching, drawing and writing since the early 1980s – and are going strong ever since. Schuiten, as the designer behind this bande dessinée, is busy with the artwork while Peeters, the novelist, provides the text. Both were born in the year 1956 and have known each other since they were classmates in the 1960s where they had already collaborated on the school newspaper.

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  • Abandoned Ministry Building Turns Into A Digital Media Playground


    This weekend, Netherlands’s hottest new generation in e-culture, the HOT100, are coming to The Hague. They will be buzzing around at TodaysArt, a festival about new media and urban regeneration. Boasting already with an overwhelmingly rich program the HOT100, which were selected by The New Institute last month, will find themselves in aww once they see their venue. The outer shell of the events will be no less but the giant empty building of the former Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

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  • Kashgar: World Capital Of Electric Scooters

    Kashgar, China

    You’d probably not expect it here, but in the relatively unknown Chinese city of Kashgar the electric scooter is emerging quickly as a dominant means of transport. How come that the electric scooter is doing so well in Kashgar while the rest of the world still suffers from dirty ‘regular’ scooters? Can we actually learn something from the ‘Kashgar Approach’?

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    Sissel Tolaas: Smelling Your Way Through The City

    Smell artist Sissel Tolaas

    Born in 1961 in Norway and living in Berlin since the 1980s, Sissel Tolaas has devoted more than 20 years of her life to the sense of smell. She wears her personal scent as perfume (and the odor of money on business meetings – for good luck) and has, amongst many other things, created a “Swedish smell” that uses IKEA, H&M and Volvo as ingredients. People like her remind us of the power of smell and make us wonder why such nosy business has still not found its way to city marketing and urban planning.

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