• Puma Invites ‘Friends’ To A Social Club

    Puma Social Club, Prague

    The Czech architects of Edit! have recently designed a social club for Puma in Prague. The social club is located inside a shoe store and is intended to function as a hang-out and meeting point for young fans of the brand. The multi-functional space works as a combination between a concept store and a bar (that serves direct-trade coffee and cupcakes) and is an attempt of Puma to bring together young Puma fans. Besides all the digital options that youngsters already have to show their close connection to a brand, Puma now creates an urban meeting spot for them — an offline Facebook page.

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    QR Box Store Opens Doors In The Hague

    Remember the box store? In The Hague, an interesting new retail concept has opened doors recently. is a cross-over between a box store and a webshop. The company rents out boxes in a shopping street window to webshop owners which they can use to display their products offline for once and promote it to another group of potentially interested people. By scanning a QR code shoppers can purchase products immediately on their smartphones.

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  • Procter & Gamble Launches QR Truck Store

    QR store truck

    What will the future of shopping look like? Perhaps this concept gets close. Two American mega brands, Procter & Gamble and Walmart, team up in a new marketing campaign to promote online and mobile shopping. This truck allows pedestrians to buy household products from the side of the truck by scanning a QR code.

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    London’s Most Fashionable Facade

    Shwopping, London

    In an effort to recycle clothing and decrease waste fashion, department store Marks & Spencer launched ‘Shwopping’, a project that combines shopping and swapping. The fashion brand covered a couple of facades of buildings in hipster town East London with 10,000 pieces of unwanted apparel, resulting in a brilliant, colorful temporary installation that completely changes the face of the buildings.

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    Buy Your City A Landmark

    ArcelorMittal Orbit

    London’s brand-new landmark looks like two cranes making love together. In fact, Anish Kapoor’s 115 meters high structure is clearly meant to add a new icon to the city of London for the occasion of this year’s Olympics.

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