Candy Bar Explains It Once Again: Bucharest Is Not Budapest!

Bucharest not Budapest

Did you know that Bucharest is not Budapest? Although there are plenty of differences between the capital of Romania and the capital of neighboring country Hungary, it seems to be hard to not confuse the two cities. That’s why the Romanian candy bar brand ROM came up with a campaign to make clear once and for all that Bucharest is something different than Budapest.

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  • Billboard Turned Into An Artist Residency

    Scribe Billboard

    Over the past years, infinite numbers of artists have tweaked billboards to discuss the appropriateness of advertising in public space. At the same time brands have done much to spice up billboards in order to make their message extra attractive. Mexican paper company Scribe created a combination of both — it recently launched Scribe Billboard, a temporary residency for artists inside a billboard.

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    Follow The Map To Find The Exclusive Single Copy Of Dodo Magazine

    Dodo Magazine

    Dodo Magazine is gearing up for the release of its first issue on April 5. But — that’s the thing — there’s only going to be one single copy printed and released, and it’s up to you to get your hands on that one-of-a-kind edition, the “most exclusive magazine in the world”. On April 5, on its website and Facebook page, Dodo Magazine will releasing a map of where to find the single copy of the magazine, and then the race is on!

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