Dutch Soup Brand Launches The Ice Skating Alternative To Nike+

Unox Schaatsapp

“Where to skate?” is currently a frequently asked question in the Netherlands. It’s winter and lots of people can’t wait to use their skates again, looking for lakes and canals that are frozen and nice routes to skate. Ice skating is one of the biggest sports in Holland, especially when there’s ‘natural ice’. It’s freezing cold at the moment, which means ice skating madness. And good times for the marketing of winter-related products.

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  • Belgian Brewery Provides Night Buses In The City Of Ghent

    De Koninck night bus, Ghent

    We’re always on the look for marketing-driven forms of urbanism. From this perspective, an interesting public-private partnership has been started in the Belgian city of Ghent. The municipal government decided to collaborate with De Koninck beer brewery to maintain the public tranport service at night. The company that provided public transport in Ghent, De Lijn, had to cancel the night services due to budget cuts. De Lijn buses will still run at night but the municipal government and De Koninck will cover most of the costs.

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    Huge Laboratory Flask Pops Up In Winnipeg

    Emptyful, Winnipeg

    Vancouver-based Pechet Studio won a competition held by Winnipeg’s Public Art Program with an extraordinary piece of art in public space. The goal of the competition was to develop a work of art that would refresh the image of Winnipeg. The public art installation is named ‘Emptyful’, which, according to Pechet, refers to the paradox that people experience when they visit Winnipeg. “When you first visit Winnipeg, it can appear empty and open, set amidst the vastness of prairie and sky. But within, the city is full of creative energy.”

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  • Coca-Cola Launches Pop-Up Dining Room

    Coca-Cola 'Let's Eat Together' Truck

    Coca-Cola is known for its always surprising marketing campaigns. This time the Atlanta-based producer of the sugary black gold joined forces with the Italian TV-chef Simone Rugiati to promote eating together with friends or family. On a cozy plaza in Naples, Italy a converted Coca-Cola delivery truck pulled out a dining table. Inside the truck Simone Rugiati was cooking a wide variety of local dishes. As the video shows, everybody was invited to join in on the fun.

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    How The Experience Economy Changes The Automotive Industry

    Volkswagen Auto Türme, Wolfsburg

    As most industries, the automotive industry no longer exists as an industry solely based on manufacturing. Of course, without factories there will be no cars, but this part of industry has left the western city and has moved to industrializing countries. Detroit might be the clearest example of such a former industrial city. But who thinks the automotive industry has entirely left the city is wrong. The old manufacturing industry has made place for the automobile experience economy.

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    The Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

    Mobile dog grooming salon

    The pop-up economy is flourishing. More and more services don’t need a permanent and fixed location in the city, but prefer to offer their services in a flexible way. In our home town of Amsterdam we came across one of the most unexpected pop-up concepts we’ve ever seen — a mobile hair dresser for dogs. Moving from place to place in an old white and pink painted truck, the dog grooming salon offers several treatments for all kinds of dogs right in front of you own house or even on the campsite during holidays.

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