The Old Walls Project Tells New Stories

Old Walls Project

The Old Walls Project features an amazing set of photo comparisons that show how street art around Milan has evolved over the past twenty years. Sometimes you can still see figments of what once was and at other times the whole thing looks exactly the same as it did two decades ago. Looking at how new artworks have been influenced by what previously was painted on the wall is very inspiring and finding comparisons between the two in theme and style is almost a game in itself.

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Abandoned Church Transforms Into A Color Explosion

Colorful church by Alex 'Hense' Brewer

In Southwest D.C., just a few blocks from Capitol Hill, an abandoned church was transformed into an art installation. Atlanta-based artist Alex ‘Hense’ Brewer painted the former Friendship Baptist Church in a palette of many different colors. With this project, the artist aims to revitalize an abandoned building and provide something positive to the local community.

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  • QRadio: A Music Sharing Platform In Public Space

    QRadio by Sweza

    Finding hidden treasures in the most random places around the city is one of my favourite urban tasks! Repudo is a smartphone app that allows you to leave or pick up ‘treasures’ such as text messages, pictures, videos and generally any digital object around the city. Berlin-based street artist Sweza took this concept a bit further with his street intervention project called QRadio.

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    Bright Intervention Spices Up Shady Street In Athens

    Pittaki street intervention

    Walking through the dark alleys of Psirri, a part of the Athens’ city centre that has a strong identity and contradictive reputation, you will discover Pittaki street. Creative studio Beforelight and the non-profit organization Imagine The City decided to bring light back to that forgotten street by creating a light installation from 150 citizen’s donations of old lamp fixtures and lamp shades.

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  • Talk Back To The City


    YOUR TEXT HERE is a participatory, site-specific light installation, created by Marcos Zotes. For the occasion of DLECTRICTY, an outdoor light art festival that took place in Detroit last October, the architect transformed the façade of a large heat production plant into a giant display board that reflected the variety of voices existent in the area.

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