Talk Back To The City


YOUR TEXT HERE is a participatory, site-specific light installation, created by Marcos Zotes. For the occasion of DLECTRICTY, an outdoor light art festival that took place in Detroit last October, the architect transformed the façade of a large heat production plant into a giant display board that reflected the variety of voices existent in the area.

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  • Softwalks Transforms Sidewalk Sheds Into Pop-Up Hangouts

    Softwalks, New York City

    Softwalks is an initiative dedicated to improving the pedestrian experience in New York City. According to its inventors, the sidewalks of New York are occupied by scaffolding, as over 6,000 sheds cover the city’s streets at any given point in time. Good for rainy days, but less in favor of walking on other days. Softwalks anticipates to this situation and makes the best of it.

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  • Parasites Harvest The City’s Spoiled Energy

    Energy parasite on a tram

    Talking energy parasitism, we’re not talking about people that grow cannabis in their basement using energy from the neighbors — it’s about all the energy that is spoiled in urban areas. Energy from buildings, from public facilities, from traffic and more. All the rest bits of heat, light, wind and movement could be re-used for other purposes when harvested well. This article shows some examples of guerrilla energy harvesting in the city and shines a light on the pioneers of energy parasitism.

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