Japanese Commuters Grow Veggies On Train Station Rooftops


Rooftop farms have been established all over the world to enable growing food in dense urban areas. In Japan, a whole new kind of an urban rooftop farm was opened recently. Soradofarm is an urban agriculture project that uses the rooftops of train stations to accommodate urban gardens for waiting train passengers that want to use their transfer time to relax and train their gardening skills.

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  • No Fuss Aquaponic Garden Is Finally Here And To Stay

    Aqualibrium Garden

    Conscious grocery shopping is a noble thing to do. It benefits both, the people behind the produce and yourself, as the consumer. Yet, do you really know what’s behind your organic bananas, your fair trade coffee or your clothing made in your home country? Let’s face it, if you do not actively do some intensive research yourself chances are high that you, in reality, barely have any clue. Three young and energetic entrepreneurs are about to change this state of uncertainty at least in one aspect by relocating our source of fresh food away from supermarket aisles into our very own living rooms.

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    Solar Cells For Cheap, Cheap Soon

    Printed solar cells

    Implementing solar energy in one’s daily life involves a huge effort and a heavily loaded bank account – so most people think. But times have changed and fact is that you see more and more roofs covered in solar panels and self-charging electronic devices these days. Solar panels have become cheaper, easier to handle and technology is constantly improving. Yet, solar power has still not become the norm. The possibility of printing solar cells of the size of an A3 sheet of paper may finally take solar power to the masses and make renewable energy hopefully soon our number one source.

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    Algae Farming On Bangkok Rooftops

    EnerGaia rooftop algae farm, Bangkok

    In Bangkok local downtown restaurants now serve fresh algae in their meals. The innovative rooftop farmers of EnerGaia have discovered that the rooftops of the city’s skyscrapers are perfect spots for producting the green vitamin-rich power food. Eating slimy green algae is probably not the first thing you think about when you enter a Thai restaurant, but hey, it’s healthy and very local.

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  • Electric Public Bus Recharges On The Move


    Truth be told, who wouldn’t love to be all green-savvy and cruise around in an environmental-friendly electric car if you could afford it and spare the time to recharge? But then, there is also the fear of running out of power in the middle of a junction, or worse, in the middle of nowhere. Yet, we all agree that electric cars are a great invention. The city of Gumi in South Korea now put all excuses aside and took public transportation to the next level by enabling public buses to run on electric power. What’s new? They do not have to stop to re-“fuel” – not once.

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    Rooftop Gardens On Moving Buses

    Bus garden

    Environmental awareness has risen exponentially in recent years and people have regrown a strong urge to surround themselves with anything green amidst vast concrete jungles. Vertical gardens, urban farming, guerrilla gardening are only a few phenomena that have only recently entered our daily lives. It is surprising why nobody had thought of it much earlier. Luckily, greening the city has gained a huge fan community. Landscape artist Marc Grañén, in collaboration with Grupo IRACO, takes it to the next level by using vehicle roofs as flower beds, turning unused space into little oases.

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