Urbanana: The Tropical Urban Farm For Cold Cities


Instead of producing local food on small urban wastelands, urban farming could better focus on producing fruits and vegetables that are not really growing naturally. The French architecture agency SOA Architects did so by designing an urban banana farm for cities like Paris. The so-called Urbanana (nice name) is a huge greenhouse that actually fits the dimensions of the city — it can be built right in between houses and offices and offers the opportunity to produce food on the scale needed in the city. When this project will be realized, Parisians can eat local bananas that are both sustainable and a real contribution to a city’s food culture.

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The Super Green School Bus

Green Urban Lunch Box, Salt Lake City

Okay, so the school bus is actually still classic yellow in colour, but it is so packed with green goodness that I’m not sure where to start. Named the Green Urban Lunch Box, the bus has vegetable gardens, an aquaponics system, solar power, a gravity feed watering system, and it is still a functioning vehicle that travels to schools and local events in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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How To Become A Remote Farmer

Remote farming

We have some good news for those urban farmer types that don’t like dirty hands. Springwise reports about Farmhopping, a Bulgarian online platform that enables wannabe farmers to indulge their farming ambitions remotely, right from their lazy chair. The new online service aims to connect virtual farmers to ‘real’ farmers all around the world.

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  • #IABR — An Urban Rooftop Farm In Downtown Rotterdam

    Dakakker, Rotterdam

    Meet the Dakakker. As part of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Test Site has included the city’s first rooftop garden on top of the Schieblock building. The garden houses vegetables and herbs (and some bees, too!), with the produce heading to local restaurants and a soon-to-be-opened shop.

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    VertiCrop Takes Rooftop Farming To The Next Level(s)


    A parking garage in downtown Vancouver has recently signed an agreement to install VertiCrop’s vertical greenhouse system on its rooftop, making it the first of its kind. VertiCrop’s system effectively transforms the 6,000 square feet rooftop into 16 acres of productive farmland by incorporating numerous ‘levels’ within the greenhouse.

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  • Rent-A-Goat To Mow Your Lawn

    City Grazing

    Urban farming has been all the rage, but what happens when you throw some multi-functionalism into the mix? How about goat rentals for mowing your lawn? San Francisco’s City Grazing has been keeping a herd of 50 goats to manage the growth in their pasture.

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    Turn Table: An Urban Farm And Restaurant In The Middle Of The City

    Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 wouldn’t be complete without an urban farm. Urban agriculture is hotter than hot these days, and although the majority of urban farming projects aren’t gonna solve any food-related problems, the idea of re-using vacant urban spaces for traditional country-side activities is appealing. During our Helsinki visit, two weeks ago, we…

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    #IABR — Thousand Rain Gardens

    The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam’s Smart Cities competition received 80 entries by students and young researchers from across the globe. These projects represented the future of cities through smarter technology application in areas such as distribution, energy, mobility, and infrastructure. The Smart Cities Biennial Award ceremony, held at the end of this past April, announced the Sendai…

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