Goedzak: Because One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure


As a blogger, you come across plenty of good ideas every day. Sometimes you come across brilliant ideas. The so-called ‘Goedzak’ is such an idea. Developed by Amsterdam-based product design agency Waarmakers, the Goedzak is a special garbage bag for items that are still usable. ‘Goedzak’ means both ‘good bag’ and ‘do-gooder’ in Dutch. According to designers Simon Akkaya and Maarten Heijltjes, their concept is a friendly way to give products a second chance and stimulate sustainable behavior.

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  • Plaza Móvil Changes Streets Into Pop-Up Parks

    Plaza Móvil

    Shouldn’t the city become more of a place for relaxation, games, sports and social activities instead of a place for traffic, cars and pollution? Industrial designer Manual Rapoport came up with Plaza Móvil, a portable street park that temporarily takes traffic away from the streets in Buenos Aires and changes them into mobile parks. With recycled materials like car tires and supermarket carts, Rapoport makes mobile street furniture as well as play and game equipment for kids that pops up on streets at hours with low traffic. All elements of Plaza Móvil are easily transportable to other parts of the city. With his project, Rapoport aims to bring instant recreational facilities to the people that don’t live close to parks and playgrounds.

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    #IABR — ZIP Code Honey: The Taste Of Local Flowers

    ZIP Code Honey

    We came across a nice project called ‘Postcode Honing’ (‘ZIP Code Honey) at the Smart Cities exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). The idea combines the renewed interest for beekeeping (2012 is the International Year of the Bee) with a local touch. According to the makers, the taste of honey depends on the flowers that are growing in the landscape nearby the beehives, and could therefore be considered place-specific. ZIP Code Honey is an idea for local honey. The ZIP code on the label tells you where the honey comes from and what taste to expect. Mapping meets beekeeping.

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    Urbanana: The Tropical Urban Farm For Cold Cities


    Instead of producing local food on small urban wastelands, urban farming could better focus on producing fruits and vegetables that are not really growing naturally. The French architecture agency SOA Architects did so by designing an urban banana farm for cities like Paris. The so-called Urbanana (nice name) is a huge greenhouse that actually fits the dimensions of the city — it can be built right in between houses and offices and offers the opportunity to produce food on the scale needed in the city. When this project will be realized, Parisians can eat local bananas that are both sustainable and a real contribution to a city’s food culture.

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