Algae Farming On Bangkok Rooftops

EnerGaia rooftop algae farm, Bangkok

In Bangkok local downtown restaurants now serve fresh algae in their meals. The innovative rooftop farmers of EnerGaia have discovered that the rooftops of the city’s skyscrapers are perfect spots for producting the green vitamin-rich power food. Eating slimy green algae is probably not the first thing you think about when you enter a Thai restaurant, but hey, it’s healthy and very local.

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Electric Public Bus Recharges On The Move


Truth be told, who wouldn’t love to be all green-savvy and cruise around in an environmental-friendly electric car if you could afford it and spare the time to recharge? But then, there is also the fear of running out of power in the middle of a junction, or worse, in the middle of nowhere. Yet, we all agree that electric cars are a great invention. The city of Gumi in South Korea now put all excuses aside and took public transportation to the next level by enabling public buses to run on electric power. What’s new? They do not have to stop to re-“fuel” – not once.

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  • Rooftop Gardens On Moving Buses

    Bus garden

    Environmental awareness has risen exponentially in recent years and people have regrown a strong urge to surround themselves with anything green amidst vast concrete jungles. Vertical gardens, urban farming, guerrilla gardening are only a few phenomena that have only recently entered our daily lives. It is surprising why nobody had thought of it much earlier. Luckily, greening the city has gained a huge fan community. Landscape artist Marc Grañén, in collaboration with Grupo IRACO, takes it to the next level by using vehicle roofs as flower beds, turning unused space into little oases.

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    Apps For Urban Farmers

    Stadse Boeren

    Nothing shouts ‘traditional’ as urban farming does. Actively trying to pull away from our digital world, it encourages people to roll up their sleeves and start getting their precious typing hands dirty. Still, it seems quite impossible to avert anything from the digital revolution, which is once more proven by the newest trend in urban farming: apps!

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  • Paris Replaces Lawnmowers With Fleet Of Urban Sheep

    Paris sheep

    Paris has taken urban sustainability to the next level with the most recent addition to its team of municipal workers. Rather than investing in another fleet of gas-guzzling lawn mowers, the city has acquired four large sheep to take care of its green spaces. Known as “eco-grazing”, the sheep won’t just be mowing the city’s lawns — they’ll be fertilizing them too!

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