Sindy Li

The Transformer House

With the current climate change and crazy distorted seasons it’s almost not a luxury to have a house that adapts itself to weather changes. Innovations in sustainable building materials like automatic blinding windows with built-in sun cells, high isolation bricks or translucent concrete are incredible, but still not entirely efficient since they can’t adapt to the position of the sun, harsh temperatures or wind speed. This concept house, on the contrary, has the ability to change along with the weather.

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DIY Tree House

Having an own tree house in the backyard is the fantasy of every child. However, some parents don’t have the technical skills or are just lazy. The perfect solution woul is definitely this wicked do-it-yourself ttree house by the designers of Aandeboom.

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8-Bit Bicycle Safety Light

Earlier we wrote about Blaze, a laser projector that should help bicycle riders to tour more safely in cities. Now, there is an another simple but great invention: the Monkey Light. It may sound funny, but it’s a very effective way to stand out in the dark nights of the city nowadays.

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  • Take A Nap In The Sleepbox

    Desperately in need of some sleep while waiting in a public area? But you don’t want to look like a homeless guy napping on a bench? The designers of Arch Group totally understand the need for an affordable and comfortable place to sleep and came up with the Sleepbox, a modern and safe sleeping pod that provides necessary rest from fifteen minutes to several hours. The best thing is that it can be placed just about everywhere: at airports, train stations, shopping malls, expo centers, and even on streets!

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    Turning Plastic Bottles Into Light Bulbs

    In the suburbs of the Philippines the houses are built very close to each other. Even during daytime it is very dark inside the homes. In some areas just outside Manila, the capital of the Philippines, people cannot even access electricity. Students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with something very simple but yet very effective.

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