Sindy Li

Flying People Over Manhattan’s Skyline

Sky-writing and airplane banners are pretty nice outdoor advertising concepts, but not as outstanding as flying people! These remarkable objects in the the sky are remotely controlled human-shaped aircrafts. This is a marketing campaign of 20th Century Fox to promote its newest blockbuster Chronicle. The creator of the controversial concept is Thinkmodo, the office that also created the iPad…

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Minimizing Waste With Innovative Design

Waste is energy. No doubt about that, with these esthetically satisfying new designs for self-sufficient home appliances developed by Philips Design. Or should I say furniture? One of the concepts, the Methane Bio-Digester Kitchen Island, is able to break down organic waste to obtain energy. From the integrated chopping board, organic waste such as peels and seeds can…

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  • Finnish Summer Greenhouse

    Once again, Finland offers us a fabulous way to become one with nature. Last month we wrote an article about the Igloo Hotel in Kakslauttanen, in which guests could enjoy the northern lights and stars of the crystal clear sky from their comfortable room through the thermal glass capsules. Helsinki-based architect Ville Hara and designer Linda…

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    Suitcase Symphony

    This is yet another innovative design by Jeriël Bobbe, the creator of the Movie-ng Experience that we mentioned earlier in our Dutch Design Week 2011 series. Bobbe’s frequent travels and the carrying a trolley suitcase inspired him to use the trolley as a music instrument. Instead of annoying noises on ordinary stone pavements, a range of relief paving stones create…

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    Self-Growing Shelter

    Biesbosch is a national park in the south of the Netherlands. Usually the river floods about three times a year and covers parts of the park with water. From that, to build permanent constructions from wood or bricks for recreation would be difficult. Feike de Jong came up with Biesbosch Expedition, a steel frame overgrown…

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  • Train Ticket To The Movies

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have some movie entertainment in trains? However, installing LCD screens behind each seat like in airplanes would be much too expensive. A nice and effective way to solve this problem was shown at the Dutch Design Week with Jeriël Bobbe’s ‘Movie-ng Experience’. Not some projected video on a sound barrier, but a series…

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    Integrated Bird Houses

    Bird Bricks by Fanny Hofstra

    Some people consider city birds disastrous when it comes to their homes. The birds are especially unwanted when they accommodate at attics, making holes into wall insulation, and under roof tiles. We could install some traditional wooden bird houses in our garden, on trees or social housing for birds at other places in the city. Recently we stumbled upon even more esthetical, yet subtle solutions: bird house roof tiles. These tiles consist of terracotta with a bird house perched on top where the bird can nest in.

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    A Polymorphic Bench

    With a budget of only $1,000 some students of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation designed a polymorphic, kinetic bench that forms to the need of very user, maximizing comfort and functionality. The unique form of the bench is made possible by digital fabrication: each segment is uniquely cut out of plywood complete…

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