Samara McIlroy

Find Your Creativity At The Lost Sock

The Lost Sock is often empty and very, very quiet, but useful for drying sheets when it rains for days on end (and yes it does rain in Tasmania). My local laundromat is a perfectly functional space, but boring. Your nearest laundromat may be a bit like mine, a place where nothing much happens. Imagine…

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Catching Falling Fruit

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are approaching the most fruitful time of the year. The harvest of apples, pears and stonefruit is underway and new season fruit is available for purchase in our supermarkets and grocery stores. Unfortunately, most of these fruits will be sprayed with pesticides and transported thousands of kilometres across our…

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  • Bar Aid: For A Guilt-Free Night Out

    “A globally unique non-profit bar” will soon open in Melbourne. Shebeen Bar is a social business that will be entirely financed by investors with a social conscience. By drinking at Shebeen, you will be supporting development projects in developing nations. The organisers promise that AUD$2 profit from each drink sale will be donated to a development aid project in that drink’s country of origin.

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  • DIY Culture In The Disconnected City

    On Saturday afternoon, after the Salamanca Markets have packed up for another week, Hobart can be very quiet. Tourists have departed in their campervans to explore Tasmania’s delights, while residents have fled the city centre for their comfortable suburban homes on Hobart’s outskirts. In a derelict building, next to an ugly asphalt wasteland (home to…

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