Rebekka Keuss

Obscure Cities On The Other Side Of The Sun

Les Cités Obscures

As the authors behind the graphic novel series Les Cités Obscures published by Casterman the two Belgian comics artists François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters have been sketching, drawing and writing since the early 1980s – and are going strong ever since. Schuiten, as the designer behind this bande dessinée, is busy with the artwork while Peeters, the novelist, provides the text. Both were born in the year 1956 and have known each other since they were classmates in the 1960s where they had already collaborated on the school newspaper.

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Emergency Housing In No More Than 5 Hours

Emergency housing by Pieter Stoutjesdijk

Last weekend, the most talented Dutch graduates in the creative sector, aka the HOT100 2013, came together to combine all of their brain power during the HOT100 Days in The Hague under the supervision of The New Institute. We had the chance to meet some of them and we could not help but to notice one particular project by the recent graduate cum laude from Delft University of Technology Pieter Stoutjesdijk who has created a design for emergency housing that can be set up within astonishing 5 hours only.

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  • Electric Public Bus Recharges On The Move


    Truth be told, who wouldn’t love to be all green-savvy and cruise around in an environmental-friendly electric car if you could afford it and spare the time to recharge? But then, there is also the fear of running out of power in the middle of a junction, or worse, in the middle of nowhere. Yet, we all agree that electric cars are a great invention. The city of Gumi in South Korea now put all excuses aside and took public transportation to the next level by enabling public buses to run on electric power. What’s new? They do not have to stop to re-“fuel” – not once.

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    Abandoned Ministry Building Turns Into A Digital Media Playground


    This weekend, Netherlands’s hottest new generation in e-culture, the HOT100, are coming to The Hague. They will be buzzing around at TodaysArt, a festival about new media and urban regeneration. Boasting already with an overwhelmingly rich program the HOT100, which were selected by The New Institute last month, will find themselves in aww once they see their venue. The outer shell of the events will be no less but the giant empty building of the former Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

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  • Back To Nature 3D Printing

    Silk Pavilion Project

    These days all the rage is about 3D printing. Many say that it will change life as we know it — once it is technically mature. For now though, let’s be honest, 3D printing still remains simply a fun gadget to experiment with. So, while we are still in the developing phase it surely does not hurt to have a look at Mother Nature who has for ages already come up with her very own and unique ways of 3D printing. Who knows, maybe we can learn something as so often has been the case.

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    Rooftop Gardens On Moving Buses

    Bus garden

    Environmental awareness has risen exponentially in recent years and people have regrown a strong urge to surround themselves with anything green amidst vast concrete jungles. Vertical gardens, urban farming, guerrilla gardening are only a few phenomena that have only recently entered our daily lives. It is surprising why nobody had thought of it much earlier. Luckily, greening the city has gained a huge fan community. Landscape artist Marc Grañén, in collaboration with Grupo IRACO, takes it to the next level by using vehicle roofs as flower beds, turning unused space into little oases.

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    WorkScape: New Spaces For New Work

    WorkScape: New Spaces For New Work

    Grey walls, rows of working zombies, a never-ending flow of coffee — does this sound familiar to you? Let’s hope not, otherwise, immediately grab a copy of WorkScape: New Spaces For New Work. Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, and Robert Klanten from the publishing house Gestalten have carefully picked the most stunning and innovative workplaces from around the world to give companies and employees inspirational fodder on how workplaces could look like and should be nowadays.

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