Milla Visuri

Helsinki: Food In The Boom

Helsinki recently updated its food strategy. Old market halls are re‐invented and local creative minds of the food culture are planning ahead towards World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and beyond.  Helsinki schools, day-cares and elderly homes will enjoy 50 percent local produce. A shopping mall turned into a host of clever food market in the middle of the city…

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HEL YES! Helsinki Food And Design

HEL YES! brings the tastes and designs of Helsinki to a pop-up restaurant for 15 days in Kalasatama, an old harbor area in Helsinki. The New Nordic Cuisine and Swedish Sourdough Men get a Helsinki make-over while a former rocker, now restauranteur Antto Melasniemi, brings his dream team into action in form of Finnish food and…

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Food Touring

In late Stockholm has started to bloom as a green-minded town. Sustainable is a state of being. Eco is king. Scandinavian Preppy retailers are recycling. The clothing brand Boomerang is breathing new life into recycled pieces of garment (known as the Boomerang Effect), fashion label Filippa K has its own second hand brand store, gigantic…

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  • Mission Impossible?

    Okay, I might as well admit it. I am a MINI addict who dreams of owning one of those cute little things on wheels some day. I have a chance next week as MINI launches a mobile virtual game of car hunting in the inner city of Stockholm. All I need to do is catch…

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    Neighborfood. Check!

    The Swedes seem to be on the sustainable go. Just as the dust has landed on last week’s news about switchboard artwork, another idea popped in the media yesterday by a student called Luong Lu for Vattenfall, one of Europe’s biggest energy providers. It’s about a simple way of saving energy by sharing food with a…

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    From Hardware To Artware

    In the streets of Stockholm, the official Green Capital of Europe 2010, hardware is made artware. If you’re strolling along the city, you might notice there are some 30 switchboards made in graphic artworks here and there and everywhere. Fortum, one of the local electricity companies, held a competition of transforming the grey and gloomy switchboxes…

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