Joop de Boer

Tiny Pop-Up Modules Change The Way Students Are Housed

Student housing module by Tengbom

Swedish architecture firm Tengbom have designed an innovative, sustainable and extremely compact solution for student housing. Next year, 22 wooden pop-up modules will be built at Lund’s university campus in Sweden. The small houses can easily be moved around, which makes the concept flexible and easy to implement on a temporary basis. It gives universities the option to quickly adapt their student housing to number of registered students.

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Is This Automatic Magazine Kiosk The Newspaper Stand Of The Future?

MegaNews kiosk

This summer, the world’s first on-demand printing kiosk was introduced in a shopping mall in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Besides the fact that this is yet another interesting concept machine, it offers new opportunities for both print and digital media. Although the concept currently covers the bigger newspapers and magazines, such a machine can also give an impulse to independently published magazines as well as online media.

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  • BANGA Project Restores Pop-Up Architecture Of The Early 70s

    BANGA bungalows

    Originally designed by Carlo Zappa in 1971, the futuristic portable BANGA bungalows get a second life. Restoration architect Pamela Voigt discovered fourteen abandoned BANGAs in an Italian holiday resort. With cracks in the glass-reinforced plastic GRP shells, the structures are in a very bad condition. Voigt has taken up the plan to save the little Italian sister of the famous Finnish Futuro.

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    Japanese City Installs Smartphone Stands For ‘Kodak Moments’

    Smartphone stand

    Recently, the Japanese city of Fujisawa installed camera stands for mobile phones at scenic spots that are popular to share with friends at home. Created by Sunpole, the stand has a slot to place any type of smartphone in. The stand can be rotated 360 degrees and is positioned at just the right height and distance to include everyone in the frame to allow for a perfect ‘Kodak moment’.

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