Joop de Boer

  • Women-Only Nap Bar Opens Doors In Tokyo

    Nap Cafe Corne, Tokyo

    Everything seems to be possible in Tokyo, especially when it involves taking a nap. The most peculiar initiatives have been set up in the Japanese capital to help the Tokyoites to get some rest. We all know the capsule hotels that offer ultra-tiny sleeping cabins, but this is the first time we see a nap bar. Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda-ku neighborhood, the recently opened Nap Cafe Corne is a women-only bar where busy women can rent a place to take a power nap.

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  • Grocery Store Pops Up On Seoul Metro Train

    Seoul metro grocery store

    In Seoul, commuters can buy their daily groceries while traveling from work to home. A full-service grocery store has popped up in one of the metro trains in the South Korean capital. The metro grocery store is an interesting effort to make life more comfortable for those who have to spend too much time in public transport.

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