Joop de Boer

The Pirate Bubble: Parasite Architecture From The Seventies

The Pirate Bubble

Doing research for the upcoming Pop-Up City book, we came across a great ‘Pop-Up City avant la lettre’ project by Jean-Louis Chanéac (1931-1993). In 1971, the French architect installed a parasite bedroom on the façade of a regular modernist residential apartment block in Geneva, Switzerland. Chanéac’s ‘parasitic sucking cells’ are mobile, evolutionary and a complete contrast to the host building’s architectural style in every sense possible.

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Vending Machines For Bike Parts


Most of the new-generation cycling cities lack a traditional bicycle culture, with no bike lanes, no bike parking facilities and no bike repair shops on every corner of the street. This makes it pretty frustrating to use the bike for daily routine trips. The guys behind New York-based Bikestock have launched a solution for at least one of these problems: vending machines for bike parts on the street.

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  • Women-Only Nap Bar Opens Doors In Tokyo

    Nap Cafe Corne, Tokyo

    Everything seems to be possible in Tokyo, especially when it involves taking a nap. The most peculiar initiatives have been set up in the Japanese capital to help the Tokyoites to get some rest. We all know the capsule hotels that offer ultra-tiny sleeping cabins, but this is the first time we see a nap bar. Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda-ku neighborhood, the recently opened Nap Cafe Corne is a women-only bar where busy women can rent a place to take a power nap.

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