Joëlle Payet

Living Large In Narrow Houses

Architect Bassam El-Okeily describes the concept of The Narrow House (see photo below, taken by Tim van de Velde) as follows: “What‘s a house? A space to live, To project our happiness between four walls, Then to spread out our vanity outside these walls. Can there be space for something else? A space for our melancholy, our scars,…

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From Design To Hacktion

Fabrique | Hacktion designs small-sized objects to twist and improve urban and collective spaces. Recharges for mobile phones rehabilitate declining phone boxes. Grafted to public walls, coat racks create hospitable places. Light signals on top of train ticket machines enable the travelers to check the state of the terminal from a distance.

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  • Turn Off The City Lights And Gaze At The Stars

    With all the ambient light and the pollution of modern cities, delightful moments when you can lie and gaze at stars are rare. Régine Debatty from We Make Money Not Art spotted a lovely project that will delight the Londoners. The Urban Stargazing installation by the French product designer Oscar Lhermitte “focuses on bringing back…

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    Swing In The City

    Swing sets have been a popular playground activity for children for ages. When growing up, opportunities to enjoy this simple pleasure in public spaces are fewer. I am still refraining myself from using swings in parks because our serious societies and over-complicated urban environments do not expect me as an adult to use them. Anyway, since safety is so important, swing seats available in public spaces are now over-engineered to fit children only. Lately, I’ve been searching for interesting projects that explore the impact and the power of this simple playset in urban spaces.

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