Jeroen Beekmans

The End Of The Line

The End of the Line, Part 2

End stops of public transport lines are strange places. Every urbanite knows their names, but scarcely anyone has ever been there. Fascinated by this phenomenon, German film maker and video journalist Janosch Delcker makes short documentaries in which he explores the end stations of subway lines in big cities.

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A Big ‘THANK YOU!’ To Our First Backers!

Joop and Jeroen

We’re pretty overwhelmed here by the amazing support we’ve received in the first days of the Pop-Up City book crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. We’re very happy and grateful to see that so many people want us to publish the book! It was a real treat to see the first 12 hours get us past $1,000 with ease — and then hitting 15% of our funding goal by the end of first day. Now, right at the moment that we send out this first update, we have reached over 25% of our final goal of $10,000. More than 50 wonderful people have helped us to get to this point.

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  • Help Us Make The Pop-Up City Book!

    Pop-Up City book

    It has always been our dream to turn our blog into a beautiful book that tells an inspiring story about (making) cities in a fluid world. To turn this ambition into reality we need your support! Only here and now, we offer you the unique chance to become a co-owner of the Pop-Up City book, to pre-order a copy for an amazing 30% discount, and to be among the first in the world to receive it.

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  • This Happens When You Put Creative Minds Into A Pressure Cooker

    With his Shapeshifter project, Menno van den Berg explores ways to let furniture and objects change their form and shape according to the needs of the user.

    On Friday September 27, during the HOT100 Days, hosted by The New Institute, the former building of the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations was transformed into a pressure cooker for the young creatives. The newest generation of Dutch new media graduates were asked to crack several societal issues in a series of workshops. What kind of ideas did they come up with?

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