Francesco Vedovato

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

The financial crisis has left hundreds and hundreds of abandoned buildings, taken from their inhabitants or built and never even filled with any human being. The voice of citizens asking for social projects at these places is growing and, despite being mostly private, the presence of these structures is being continuously questioned by the public….

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Insomnia Design

If industrial design for interiors with a middle-class target has to communicate coziness and comfort to the users, it seems like just walking outside the door changes the rules of perception — public space apparently has to aim for a sleepless panorama and many are the elements made to contribute, from small disturbing clusters to…

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Drawing In The Dark

Most street artists wait for the night to come to begin their performance. Some of then, while acting in the shadow, play also with the shadow itself, leaving a printed memory of an ephemeral shape originally drawn by a road light, or interacting with the shape created in the very moment it is projected. It…

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  • The Dig Will Never End

    Despite being hidden underground, the subway system, and metropolitan underground world in general, has been subject of great interest by new generations of urban explorers, including writers, photographers, urban historians, bloggers or any amateur who spent his or her time down city’s crust. Over the last time many blogs have featured underground exploration, so I…

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    Mapping The Downfall

    Fascinating ruins are surrounding us! All over our cities and outside, symbolic decadent buildings are taken as case studies to talk about an era. The picture of Villa Savoye taken before its renovation marks the end of the modern movement long before its international recognition, due to the misunderstandings and the lack of interest towards…

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  • Bring Down Your Remote!

    To make people participate in public events has always been a hard task for whom organizes mass-happenings. People act as mere spectators in most of the cases, feeling maybe astonished by the whole fireworks atmosphere of the big event, but at the same time being just a crowd. If many design offices nowadays are wondering how to…

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