Francesco Vedovato

Cool Ideas

In the context of the Festival of Ideas for the New City, a gathering of independent cultural projects for Manhattan showing the potential of the creative community to imagine the ideas that will shape the future, Urban Omnibus is presenting a series of clever posters entitled ’50 Ideas for the New City’ a nice series of retro-style…

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  • There's A User For That!

    In the minds of a new generation of smartphone app developers, the city is luckily absorbing a great amount of effort and tons of hidden information that are being revealed thanks to the work of creative minds collecting data from institutional sources or from the citizen themselves. It is interesting to notice which path a…

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    QR Storytelling

    140 Years have passed since the happenings of the Paris Commune, the governance experience known to be the first historical assumption of power by the working class during the Industrial Revolution, that briefly ruled Paris between March and May 1871. Despite the relatively short life and the limited geographical range of the experience (the governance…

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  • Escape The Cameras

    Having to deal with surveillance cameras in our cities is becoming more and more obvious nowadays, and while citizens are becoming used to the presence of these devices, artists and activists are constantly denouncing the intrusive role of the nearly-ubiquitous CCTV systems. It is interesting to notice how the practice of surveillance is growing without…

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    Complaining Has Never Been So Easy

    Do you have a noisy neighbor? Someone who always stresses you out with loud music? Young students celebrating chaotic parties? If you feel ashamed calling the police for such a matter, there is a new way of delivering your message to who lives around you: the online complaint directory of NYC 311. 311 is New…

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    Community Mapping

    Thanks to hundreds of community-sponsored open space project sites, New York citizens have historically joined together to grow plants and set up green areas on empty lots, keeping up with the great efforts taken by Liz Christy and Green Guerrillas. ‘Community garden’, a term which expresses traditional dependency of two life forms, brought together by…

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