Emma Chow

Medicine That Blooms In Your Cup


You have probably heard of flowering tea, which is just as much of an experience to watch as it is to drink — an unseemly pod that blossoms right before your eyes when you immerse it in water, transforming the liquid into fragrant tea. Singaporean student Chan Min Yun has taken a similar approach for medicine in her design project, blooms. She packaged three common medicines in origami forms. The thin water-resistant paper used causes the packaging to unfold when immersed in water, creating a blooming effect.

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Mexican Container Restaurant Pops Up In London

Wahaca, London

Wahaca, a London-based Mexican restaurant, has just opened its pop-up location in Southbanks. And how does a pop-up restaurant manage to fit seating for 130 diners? With shipping containers, of course! The relatively low height of a container enables the construction of a two-floor restaurant in a very compact space.

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Del Popolo: Food Truck Meets Shipping Container

Del Popolo

We can’t seem to get enough stories on food trucks and shipping containers. So finding Del Popolo on the Inhabitat site really made us swoon. This is a mammoth of a food truck made from a 20-foot shipping container. It was first dreamed up by veteran pie slinger Jon Darsky of San Francisco and made its street debut this past May.

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  • The Super Green School Bus

    Green Urban Lunch Box, Salt Lake City

    Okay, so the school bus is actually still classic yellow in colour, but it is so packed with green goodness that I’m not sure where to start. Named the Green Urban Lunch Box, the bus has vegetable gardens, an aquaponics system, solar power, a gravity feed watering system, and it is still a functioning vehicle that travels to schools and local events in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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    How The Modern Food Truck Came To Be

    We like infographics and we love food trucks, so here’s a snazzy food truck infographic from Mashable Infographics. It charts the evolution of the food truck industry since it started integrating social media into its marketing arsenal. Like any good infographic, you get tasty tidbits of interesting information, like a common street food buzzword is ‘lavendar’. Only American data is used, yet it’s still clear that the recent food truck craze has a lot to do with more creative food offerings enhanced by clever usage of social media.

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    Some Wine With Your Outdoor Library?

    Bookyard by Massimo Bartolini

    What do you get when you cram a lawn chock-full of books? A Bookyard! We love pop-up libraries, from trees to trains. Italian artist Massimo Bartolini has outfitted the gentle slopes of St. Peter’s Abbey in Ghent with 12 sweeping bookcases for the Belgian art festival Track: A Contemporary City Conversation. The installation is actually adjacent to the abbey’s vineyard (the bookcases are aligned with the rows of vines) because Bartolini believes that both good wine and books can broaden the mind.

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  • Wi-Fi To The People!

    Wi-Fi in the Underground

    In a technological utopia there would be free Wi-Fi for all, as plentiful as the air we breath. Many city mayors have declared grand schemes of blanketing their dominion with free Wi-Fi, yet none of these plans have come to full fruition.

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