Daniel Cooper

Winter Sun Over Trafalgar Square

In 2012, Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year) occurred on the 23rd January. To lift the city’s spirits, artist collaborative Greyworld (commissioned by Tropicana) created a special sun that spread its dawn light over Trafalgar Square for one day only. Weighing 2.5 tons, and using 210,000 watts of power, it’s a great sight to behold on…

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AWOL — A Guide To Getting Lost

Recent Chelsea College of Art & Design graduate Dan Cottrell has created a guide for the sole aim of getting lost. Pyschogeography is nothing new, but AWOL provides a beautifully simple design approach to the subject. AWOL comes as a pack, consisting of a compass that doesn’t work, a simple poster and and a map that…

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  • Connecting Continents

    A mere 14.3 kilometers separates Africa and Europe at the narrowest point of the Strait of Gibraltar. This passage has been the subject of immense debate and speculation, with discussions on the creation of a physical connection between the two continents. The challenge may seem a trivial one… A bridge you cry! A tunnel! But bearing…

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    Interior Living Unit

    The Interior Living Unit is a composition of nine pieces, all designed to fit through a standard doorway and combined within the room. Long gone are the stresses of moving day, this unit enables you to move the entire apartment’s contents with you. Designed by Andrew Kline, the unit folds and unfolds when needed, providing…

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  • Roamler: Earn As You Explore

    This new, Amsterdam-based organisation from Martijn Nijhuis and Wiggert de Haan enables users of the Roamler iPhone app to earn money by completing assignments given to them based on their location. Companies can outsource tasks that usually relate to marketing and promotion, and can range from checking a product’s placement within a store to the individual…

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    London Sky Orchestra

    Yesterday, Londoners found themselves awoken by a strange ethereal soundtrack cast across the city. Seven hot-air balloons set off from Southwark Park towards Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge in the early hours of the morning, playing a composition by Dan Jones. The balloons also take off today and tomorrow, all to mark the year running…

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